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Rescue Axe

The Starfield Rescue Axe is a slow but effective way of dealing high damage to hostile alien creatures, or roleplaying a firefighter.

Rescue Axe
Weapon Types Melee Weapon
Damage 17
Damage Types Physical
Mass 1.4
Value 650
Item Code 0004F760

The Rescue Axe is a medium-sized melee weapon with a relatively slower swing compared to a combat knife or similar tool. However, the Rescue Axe compensates its slow speed with high damage, making it a great tool for enemies with high physical resistance armor, or hacking up vicious alien creatures like the Hunting Maggotmaw.

Rescue Axe overview

The Starfield Rescue Axe is a Melee Weapon found in the Settled Systems. Manufactured by United Colonies, the Rescue Axe Starfield weapon has a credit value of 650, and a mass of 1.4.

Rescue Axe stats

The Rescue Axe deals 17 Physical damage per hit.

As a weapon which specializes in Physical damage, the Rescue Axe is boosted by the Dueling skill.

Where to find Rescue Axe

You can find base and upgraded versions of the Rescue Axe randomly in a number of containers, as loot from defeated enemies, and in several NPC inventories. Bear in mind, many weapons will not spawn unless you have reached a specific Starfield level. So, if you visit any of the below and can’t find the weapon, check back later once you’re a higher level.

You can purchase or find the Rescue Axe in the following Starfield locations: