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Starfield merchandise

Looking for some Starfield accessories or collectibles? We've tracked down all of the Starfield merchandise that's out there.

Starfield merchandise

If you want to flesh out your Starfield collection, you’ll need to check out all of the Starfield merchandise that’s on offer. There are a load of official merchandise options on Bethesda’s own website, but Starfield’s developer has also partnered with a few third-party companies to create some unique pieces.

So, whether you’re looking for a new controller or just a funky Starfield hat, check out the best merchandise deals below.

Starfield controller

The Limited Edition Starfield Xbox controller is the perfect way to play Starfield. This PC and Xbox compatible controller features a labeled control scheme for Starfield, and the Constellation theme. It features transparent triggers, full side and back grips, and some hidden details in the battery pack, so make sure to secure your controller while stocks last.

Starfield wireless headset

What better way to experience the full Starfield score than with an official Starfield wireless headset? This headset features equalizer settings, bass boost, auto-mute sensitivity, and mic-monitoring levels, making this hardware perfect in and out of Starfield. However, it’s also in high demand, so make sure to order yours quickly before they go out of stock. You’ll find the headset at Best Buy, Amazon, and Microsoft. Starfield fans in the UK can find a headset at the GAME Store


Starfield journal

From the creators of the original Fallout 4 Nuka Cola notebook and the official Fallout cookbook comes the Starfield journal. Perfect for taking notes of all your exciting finds and discoveries.

Starfield Hard Drive

Starfield is a sizeable download, especially if you’re playing on the Xbox. Fortunately, Bethesda has officially licensed a Starfield-themed Portable Hard Drive to give you a little extra room for all your games and round out your Starfield collection.

Currently, the Starfield Hard Drive is only available in the US but could become available internationally in the near future.

Starfield t-shirts

Wear your love for Starfield on your sleeve. These stylish T-shirts come in a number of designs. Some have a subtle, minimalist design which shows the game’s logo on a black background. Others give you a stylised intergalactic scene. Another pretty fly one says “For all into the Starfield” which is nice, because we will all be going into the Starfield soon. Gosh, how fitting. And yes, it should fit nicely too.

Everyone is going to have a slightly different sense of style, and everyone is going to prefer a different shirt, but the fact remains that if you wear one of these, you’re going to look great. As you walk down the street, strangers will say “Woah, who’s that? They look pretty chill. They like Starfield too. How cool and amazing they must be.”

Starfield mugs

Glug, glug, glug. That’s the sound of us scoffing down a delicious caffeinated beverage as we wait with bated breath for the Starfield release date. Gosh. We’ve seen a lot of mugs in our team, but these… these are something else. They say “Nova Galactic” on them (the huge corporation of the Starfield universe) and if you use them in front of people who are not well versed in the video game world, you can say to them “Yeah, I’m work for Nova Galactic” and when they believe you and think that’s true, you can go to the other room and have a bit of a chuckle to yourself about it, while also admiring the beautiful mug you have in your hands.

Starfield constellation jacket

The Starfield shirts are nice and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a jacket that goes with them. Well guess what, Starfield-heads, there is a Starfield jacket and it’s flippin’ sick. You’ve got the iconic Starfield rainbow on the hood, and it has muted pastel colors. On the chest, there’s a lovely bit of Nova Galactic imagery too. I’m not saying that this guarantees you’ll be winning any “best dressed” awards, but I am saying that it definitely won’t hurt.

Starfield beanie

Are you a weenie for beanies? We are a bunch of beanie weenies here. We love ‘em, and this Starfield one is pretty slick. It has the Nova Galctic logo on the rim, and on the peak, you’ve got that lovely Starfield rainbow. Your head looks great now, so imagine how good it’s going to look with this beanie nestled on top of it.

Starfield Aerial Skate Deck

We’re going to be honest with you here: we’ve been excited about Starfield for years, and never would we have imagined that an official skateboard would have been one of the first tie-in products. Are we unhappy with how life turned out? No. We’re delighted. Think of how much cooler an ollie or a heelflip is going to look if you do it on this skateboard, rather than any old generic model.

The top side of the board has a wonderful wooden texture and you don’t need to worry about damaging any Starfield artwork by using it, because that all resides safely on the underside. Flip it over and you’ll see the Starfield logo, an actual starfield, and yes, of course, that distinctive rainbow.

Starfield Constellation desk mat

Are you planning on playing Starfield on PC? If so, maybe you’ll want to spruce up your gaming setup with a few Starfield visuals. It comes in a classy black design and is embued with a lovely starfield pattern. On top of that, you’ve got the Nova Galactic insignia, along with the Starfield logo in the corner. Desk been in need of a bit of a spruce up? Well, with this, you’ll be desked to impress.

Starfield explorer patches

Fancy incorporating Starfield into your sense of fashion, but don’t like the look of the t-shirts or jackets? Well, in that case, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are also a bunch of Starfield patches that you can sew onto your existing outfits. Ever wanted a Starfield tuxedo – well sew one of these sweet little things onto your existing tux, and you’ll have just that. Delightful.

Starfield gaming chair


If you want to completely Starfield-ify your gaming space, then you’ll want to make sure you get one of the amazing Starfield gaming chairs from Nobelchairs. Though an exact release date for this chair is not yet available, we suspect it will be well before the end of the year. It’s not possible to pre-order it in the US just yet, though we suspect it will be soon. In the meantime, you can still get your pre-orders in if you’re in the UK.