Starfield music

If you’re looking forward to cruising the galaxy to the sounds of some Starfield music, our guide has everything you need to know about the sound of the Settled System.

With Bethesda’s penchant for creating engaging games, we’re expecting the Starfield music to be fit for a galactic adventure. From the old-school static-infused tunes of Fallout 3 to the epic fantasy score of Skyrim, the developer always delivers a soundtrack that makes you feel part of the game world. From what we’ve heard so far, Starfield is delivering on all fronts.

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How can I listen to Starfield music?

Considering we haven’t yet arrived at the Starfield release date, the only way to listen to Starfield music is by checking out the Starfield Suite, a compilation of themes released ahead of the game’s launch. In the clip below, you can hear the London Symphony Orchestra play the ten-minute piece.

Outside of the Starfield Suite, we don’t know much about what sort of music to expect in Starfield. We assume it’ll be mainly score or music created specifically for the game, rather than using pop music. Still, there’s plenty of room for interesting sounds with over 1000 Starfield planets to score, so we’re looking forward to some varied compositions.

Screenshot of a deep space ship for Starfield music guide

Who is the Starfield composer?

Israeli-American composer Inon Zur is the creator of Starfield’s score. With experience in film, television, and gaming, Zur is one of the foremost composers in the entertainment industry, having already described his work on Starfield as some of his best to date. In the clip below, you can watch Zur play the main Starfield theme alongside some gameplay footage.

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