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Starfield Xbox

If you're looking for the best Starfield Xbox deals, here's everything we know about the Starfield Xbox release and where to buy it.

Starfield Xbox

Now that the PS5 is out of the picture, many gamers have turned to the Starfield Xbox version for how they’ll traverse the stars in Bethesda’s new sci-fi RPG. We’ve gathered all the best ways to guarantee your copy of Starfield ahead of release below, and where you can find it cheapest.

Now that the Starfield pre order and Early Access period has passed and the collector’s edition bonuses are no longer available, we’re going to be focusing exclusively on the Standard and Premium editions of the game here. Or, if you’re on the Sony side in the neverending console wars, see our Starfield PS5 guide to check out if there’s any update to the current Xbox exclusivity.

Is Starfield on Xbox?

Both Xbox Series X and S released on September 6, 2023. This was confirmed on the official Starfield page on the Xbox website.

Whether you want to buy your own copy of the game, or are interested in Starfield Game Pass we’ve listed all the best offers below:

The best Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals:

Starfield Xbox download size

How big is the Starfield download size for Xbox? With over 1000 planets to explore and a bevy of new gameplay mechanics, Starfield is quite hungry when it comes to HD space consumption.

Starfield will require 125GB of storage space for the Xbox Series X/S, and have even created their own Seagate HD to help players with storage.

By comparison, Fallout 4’s initial download for Xbox varied between 28GB and 39GB depending on platform and localization. Fallout 76 by comparison required 52.89GB for the Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

Starfield Xbox preload

As of August 9, 2023, players were able to access the Starfield preload with any valid Game Pass subscription. This gave players the chance to download Starfield in advance of the release date, allowing them to jump into the game as soon as it launched.

Is Starfield Xbox exclusive?

No, Starfield laso got a PC release, with the Starfield Steam page probably being the main place that most players will buy it from. Fortunately, with Game Pass Ultimate, you can access both versions of the game at a discount price.

Will there be Starfield Xbox achievements?

Much like its previous titles, Bethesda included a host of Starfield achievements to celebrate milestones as you explore Starfield. Once we have a confirmed list, we’ll be sure to update this article and include a guide on how to get them all.

Starfield Xbox mod support

As with previous titles like Skyrim and Fallout, Bethesda’s Xbox mods have often fallen behind PC versions. However, with the use of the Creation Engine 2 and the Creation Club, it’s not unlikely that the Starfield Xbox versions will see a number of Starfield mods ported over or custom-made by a dedicated community and third-party developers.

Hopefully we’ll be able to add custom weapons, locations, and even new ship types in the near future.