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Sebastian Banks

Banks was the founder of Constellation, the Starfield faction that’s dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy.

Sebastian Banks
Summary A mysterious figure at the heart of Starfield’s story.
Location Pilgrim's Rest
Companion No
Romanceable No
Crew Member No

The founder of Constellation way back in 2275. The organisation that Banks built is dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy, and is currently led by Sarah Morgan.

Alongside Sebastian Banks, other founding members of Constellation include:

  • Chloe Bao – an accomplished physicist
  • Aja Mamasa – Sebastian’s protégé
  • Darius Andris – botanist and specialist in xeno-flora
  • Bernadette Laurent – wealthy heiress and adventurer
  • Everado Gil – a former smuggler
  • Kadri Toma – biologist and physician