Cargo Link – Inter-System

Cargo Link – Inter-System
Outpost Object TypesMiscellaneous
Build Limit Per Outpost3
Build Cost (Resources)Aluminum, Iron, Reactive Gauge, Comm Relay
Operating Cost (Resources)Helium-3

Cargo Link – Inter-System overview

The Starfield Cargo Link – Inter-System is a Miscellaneous outpost object which you can place at any of your Starfield outposts.

You can build 3 Cargo Link – Inter-System(s) at any one outpost.

By constructing a  at your outposts, you can start constructing a vast trade network. If you’ve read up on our Starfield base building guide, you’ll know that establishing a Cargo Link and  allows you to transport resources from one outpost to another. In this way, we advise that you create “feeder” outposts which are designed to generate basic resources and ship them to your main base via a daisychain of outposts. If you try to connect every outpost directly to your main base, you’ll quickly hit the cargo link limit.

Unlike the standard Cargo Link, requires a constant supply of He-3 – Helium-3, so make sure that some of your feeder bases generate enough fuel for your outposts.

One thing to note: does not work in the same way that Fallout supply lines used to work. Instead, Starfield cargo links gradually export and import resources over time. This means that a shared resource pool between outposts is not available. Make sure to keep important building materials on your ship when building your base for the short term to give your Cargo Link – Inter Systems time to catch up.

Cargo Link – Inter-System build requirements

Once you’ve found a suitable place to install the Cargo Link – Inter-System from the outpost building view, you can rotate the Cargo Link – Inter-System to finetune its position. If the Cargo Link – Inter-System glows red, you will not be able to place it in your base. You will receive an error message explaining why you cannot place it down, and you will need to resolve the warning before you can build the Cargo Link – Inter-System. Make sure the object isn’t floating or intersecting with an existing object, as these are the most common reasons you cannot place a structure or outpost item.

In order to construct a single Cargo Link – Inter-System at one of your outposts, you will need to spend the following resources:

Cargo Link – Inter-System operating costs

Once you’ve built one Cargo Link – Inter-System at your base, it may require additional power or resources in order to function properly.

The Cargo Link – Inter-System requires:

Power cost: This structure does not require power to run.

Resource cost:



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