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Starfield cargo links

How do you create your own Starfield trade empire? With Starfield cargo links between bases, you can transfer resources and profit easily.

Starfield cargo links

You don’t have to jump around the Settled Systems to manage your outpost inventory if you set up a few Starfield cargo links – previously known as supply lines.

If you haven’t already thought about your outpost, check out our base building guide, and our Starfield crew guide so you can make the most of your mining.

What are Starfield cargo links?

Cargo links are trade routes that you can create between any of your Starfield outposts by building either the Cargo Link or the Cargo Link – Inter-System structures. The standard Cargo Link allows you to create supply lines between bases within the same solar system, while the Inter-System variant allows you to export your goods anywhere in the Settled Systems.

By chaining together your outposts, you can share resources to create more advanced buildings and expand your mining or crafting operations.

This in turn allows you to fully engage with the Starfield base building mechanic, which is very resource intesive.

In order to establish a cargo link, you will need at least two outposts and one spare crew member to ferry the goods for you. You may also need to provide your crew member with a ship from your fleet, but it hasn’t been confirmed as a requirement.

You can then command your crew member to set up the route from the outpost management window.

Other than using cargo links to supply your bases, you can visit the Mission Board and take cargo link missions. These missions require you to supply a specific resource to a specific location by establishing a cargo link between them.

In this way, you can turn any outpost into a trade depot that automatically sells its resource output to a number of vendors, netting you a regular income of credits.