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Starfield base building

If you’re trying to get your head around the Starfield base building mechanic, our guide can make you an expert architect in no time.

Starfield base building

With such a wide expanse of space to explore, Starfield base building is a core part of Bethesda’s upcoming epic RPG. So, we’ve put together this guide detailing everything you need to know about Starfield outposts and the pitfalls you might encounter if you’re unprepared.

Bethesda made the welcome decision to add a top-down isometric camera mode for building, but you can also build on-foot if you so choose. There are limitations to how high and wide your base can go, but there’s plenty of space to get on with in the early game.

Before you get started building your dream base, you will need a mountain of Starfield resources to construct anything. While you can use your Cutter tool to mine resources, and take the Geology skill to boost the amount you receive, it is far easier to head over to a resource vendor like Midtown Minerals or the Mining League and buy them in bulk.


Choose the right planet for your Starfield base

The very first thing you need to do is find a planet with as many resource patches as possible from the planetary view. It’s a good idea to use your scanner’s HUD to scout the area for possible plant and animal life for precious resources before you put down your outpost beacon.

Make sure your first outpost is located on a planet with the following resources:

These four resources are the most in demand for the first buildings you need to erect. So building a few Extractor – Aluminum and so on will really speed up your base building process.

Build the right modules first

While you can just plonk down every hab module you want and lavishly decorate them with furniture, doing so will drain your resource pool very quickly. Thus, it’s advisable that your first few outposts do nothing but extract, process, and export resources to your main base. By creating feeder outposts, you can ensure a steady stream of resources are supplied to your base via the Cargo Link and Cargo Link – Inter-System structures.

Focusing on power, extractor, and manufacturing buildings are critical at these first outposts. You can also build a single hab unit, install some Crew Stations, and assign a few Starfield crew members to boost the yield of your feeder outposts.

Once you have all of your feeder outposts in place, you can more easily designate a lush planet for your real base building project. Just remember to build a few Cargo Link – Inter-System structures so you can import all of your hard-earned resources.

Starfield base building NPCs

Much like in the settlements in Fallout 4, you can send a friendly Starfield NPC to your base to help collect resources. Numerous characters you encounter and companions you meet along the way can become members of your Starfield crew. It will be pivotal to bring in some recruits to collect what is needed to power and extend your base. With defenses as an option, you might also have to defend your base from hostile Starfield creatures, and more mysterious forces.

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