Starfield base building

If you’re trying to get your head around the Starfield base building mechanic, our guide can make you an astronaut architect in no time.

With such a wide expanse of space to explore, Starfield base building is a core part of the experience in Bethesda’s upcoming epic RPG. So, we’ve put together this guide detailing all we know about the mechanic so far, plus what we’re expecting with previous titles from the developer in mind.

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What is Starfield base building?

Starfield base building is similar to Bethesda’s attempt at area management from Fallout 4, except instead of setting up hubs across the nuclear world, you’re spreading yourself out among thousands of planets. The first part of base building, or creating a Starfield outpost, is to lay down an Outpost Beacon in a suitable location before building around that.

However, before you place your Outpost Beacon, it’s a good idea to use your HUD to scout the area for possible plant and animal life or precious resources. When you know you’ve found a location, you can plant your Outpost Beacon and start to get your base built. Once it’s up, you can go into a birdseye view of the base and begin adding components. There are limitations to how high and wide your base can go, but there’s plenty of space to get on with in the early game.

Screenshot of a Starfield outpost satellite for Starfield base building guide

Starfield base building parts and modules

While we don’t know all the Starfield base building parts, 2022’s long Starfield trailer has given us at least a small list to work off. You can find the confirmed parts below, and we’ll extend this list when we have the full information closer to the game’s launch.

  • Four Wall Hab
  • Hallway – Industrial
  • Hydroponic Hab A
  • Hydroponic Hab Round
  • Outpost Airlock
  • Military Hab
  • Science Hab Small
  • Small Hex Hab
  • Watchtower

In terms of the resources you have to build and power your base, we know a few so far. You can check them out below, but expect the list to increase after the eventual Starfield release.

  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Sealant
  • Nickel

Starfield base building NPCs

Much like in the settlements in Fallout 4, you can send a friendly Starfield NPC to your base to help out by collecting resources. We’re not sure of the exact requirements, or which NPCs you can use, but it’s going to be pivotal to bring in some recruits to collect what is needed to power and extend your base. We assume you might also have to defend your base from hostile Starfield creatures, and possibly Starfield aliens, but there’s no confirmation yet.

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