The Pale Lady

The Pale Lady is a mission you can find and complete in Starfield.

The Pale Lady overview

The Pale Lady is a Starfield Activity. Like all other Starfield missions, you can find the full details of The Pale Lady in your mission log, and you can easily find your next objective location by following the quest marker, or by entering the scanner mode and following Starfield’s breadcrumb trail.

The Pale Lady is preceded by no particular mission, and followed by no confirmed quest.

Floating randomly in space, you’ll find a derelict Starfield ship which will return a scrambled message when you hail it, and a woman’s ghostly laughter. Upon coming into contact with the ship, you’ll begin the quest “The Pale Lady.”

On boarding, you’ll encounter one of two situations:

  • All the crew will be dead.
  • The crew bar the captain will be dead.

As quests go, The Pale Lady is incredibly short, and only requires you to find some audio and text log files nearby which lay out the story.

From reading the data logs, it seems that an unknown entity or ghost-like figure known as The Pale Lady has infected the ship and killed the crew, turning their skin a chalky-white. As you listen to the audio files, you can hear the ghostly voice laugh in the background.

Unfortunately, many players are reporting that this quest is bugged, with numerous players encountering multiple instances of the quest-giving ship. Having collected all the reports together, it seems that the audio logs related to the mission will only spawn if the derelict ship is a UC Longsword. If the derelict ship that spawns and triggers the quest is a Freestar ship, or anything other than a UC Longsword, the audio logs will not spawn, and so the quest cannot be advanced.

The Pale Lady objectives

Most Starfield missions consist of several objectives that you must complete to advance the quest. As you complete each objective, your journal will be updated with the next objective.

Specific objectives and checkpoints have not yet been confirmed for this Starfield mission.

The Pale Lady reward

Completing The Pale Lady provides the player with an unknown amount of experience.

Some quests also provide additional rewards:

This quest does not reward the player with any unique weapons, armor, or items.

No additional rewards have been confirmed.

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