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Internal Mods 3

Internal Mods 3
Research Category Weaponry
Resources Required Adhesive, Isocentered Magnet, Lead, Tau Grade Rheostat, Uranium
Relevant Skills Weapon Engineering

Internal Mods 3 overview

Internal Mods 3 is a Starfield research project in the Weaponry category. You can begin this research project by visiting a Research Laboratory aboard your ship (if you have one installed), at an outpost, or in various locations throughout the Settled Systems.

Internal Mods 3 requirements

Every research project has an associated resource cost. In order to further a research project, you will need to have the appropriate resources stored in your personal inventory, or in the cargo hold of your ship, or within the storage containers at your outpost.

At present, it appears that the Research Lab must be within a set range of a ship’s cargo hold or an outpost’s storage in order to use the resources in a research project.

You require the following skills and prerequisite research to unlock Internal Mods 3 as a research option:

SkillSkill Rank
Weapon Engineering4

Unlocked by completing
Internal Mods 2

To research Internal Mods 3, you require the following resources: