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Where to find the Starfield Ytterbium resource, all Ytterbium locations, and the best ways to use Ytterbium.

Rarity Common
Resource Type Organic
Item Code 000055AF

Ytterbium overview

Starfield Ytterbium is a Starfield resource which can be used in a number of crafting recipes. Ytterbium is classed as Inorganic. The rarity of the resource determines how difficult it is to find Ytterbium, and also affects the overall credit value of the resource when you are looking to buy or sell stockpiles of Ytterbium.

Resources like Ytterbium can be found in a number of locations and planets throughout Starfield. However, the fastest method to gather resources is to bulk purchase them from a Starfield resource vendor like Midtown Minerals or the Mining League.


Starfield Ytterbium planets:

Where to get Starfield Ytterbium

You can find or buy Ytterbium from the following locations:

Ytterbium uses

Most Starfield resources have a wide range of uses from creating weapon mods and armor mods, building outpost modules, and in completing research projects.

Ytterbium is required in the following weapon mod recipes:

This resource is not used in any known weapon mods.

Ytterbium is required in the following armor mod recipes:

This resource is not used in any known armor mods.

Ytterbium is required in the following manufactured resource recipes:

Ytterbium is required in the following outpost object recipes:

This resource is not used in any known outpost objects.

You can use Ytterbium in the following research projects:

Ytterbium console command

If you want to add Ytterbium to your inventory, open the Starfield console command window and enter the following:

player.additem 00005571

If you want more than one Ytterbium, add the quantity you require (eg. 3) after the item_id.

Eg: player.additem 00005571 100