Crimson Fleet Haunt

All of the Starfield Crimson Fleet Haunt ship stats, and where you can find it.

Crimson Fleet Haunt
Cargo Capacity390

Crimson Fleet Haunt overview

The Starfield Crimson Fleet Haunt is a Class A Starfield ship with a starting mass of unknown, and a credit value of unknown. Once you have the Crimson Fleet Haunt ship in your possession, you can upgrade and customize it with Starfield ship components at numerous spaceyards and ship vendors for a fee.

Crimson Fleet Haunt locations and shops

You can acquire the Crimson Fleet Haunt from the following NPCs:

You can find the Crimson Fleet Haunt at the following locations:

Starfield Crimson Fleet Haunt ship ID

If you want to get the Crimson Fleet Haunt for free and without hunting it down, your best bet is to use a Starfield console command to spawn the ship you nearby.

To get the Crimson Fleet Haunt for free, open the console command window and input the following command:

player.placeatme 0031DF60

This will spawn the ship nearby. However, because of the size of most Starfield ships, there is a strong likelihood this will spawn the entrance to the ship beneath terrain. As a result, use the tcl command to turn clipping off, and allow yourself to fly to the ship’s entrance. If you open the door from the inside, you’ll be able to board and commandeer the newly spawned Crimson Fleet Haunt. If the door is locked, use the unlock command on the door to bypass the lock.

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