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Ship Services – The Key

Ship Services – The Key
Location Akila City
Location Types Hub
Planet Akila
System Cheyenne

Ship Services – The Key overview

Like all other Starfield locations, fully exploring Ship Services – The Key for items, NPCs, and missions is recommended. Ship Services – The Key is a Vendor found on Suvorov, in the Kryx system.

While an incredibly informal version of the ship services offered by other Starfield cities and locations, Jasmine Durand nonetheless keeps Crimson Fleet vessels up and running as best she can. When not maintaining the ever deteriorating space station that is The Key, you can find Jasmine to your left upon entering the main hub of The Key.

Jasmine, and by extension the ship services she provides, is one of the few places you can reliably by shielded cargo ship components with which you can smuggle Starfield contraband.

What ships are available from Ship Services – The Key?

Here is a list of every Starfield ship you can buy from Ship Services – The Key:

You can also find the following Starfield ship components available at this location:

There are no confirmed ship components available from this location.

Ship Services – The Key items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at Ship Services – The Key:

No weapons have been confirmed at this location.

No armor pieces have been confirmed at this location.

No consumables have been confirmed at this location.

No additional items have been confirmed at this location.