Starfield skills planner

We're in the process of creating a Starfield skills planner to let you mix and match the best Starfield skills for your build.

When planning your Starfield build, knowing which skills, traits, and backgrounds to pick is essential. So, to that end we are putting together a Starfield skills planner so you can maximize your damage buffs, equipment bonuses, and plan out your playthrough.

We’re hoping to have our skills planner out in the near future, so make sure you bookmark this page and follow Starfield Db on Google News if you don’t want to miss its release.

While we’re still developing our Starfield skills planner, you should check out all of the weapons and equipment revealed so far to see what sparks your interest for a Starfield build. We’re also creating a host of other interactive tools like a New Atlantis map, and potentially a ship builder.

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Tim has sunk at least a thousand hours into Bethesda games over the years, and has now completed Starfield with over 200 hours in-game. So, if he’s not busy updating our Starfield weapons database, he’s eagerly installing the best Starfield mods and DLC, or planning his dream outpost.