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Redditors are ripping apart Starfield ships and building their own

Lacking an official ship builder ahead of Starfield’s release, fans on Reddit have taken to photoshop to design their own Starfield ships.

Redditors are ripping apart Starfield ships and building their own

Starfield fans have created their own Starfield ship builds even before Starfield’s release, and published them on Reddit. A Millennium Falcon design and more have been shared online. With some Photoshop skills and a whole lot of ingenuity, fans have managed to turn a few seconds of Starfield ship footage into their own unique ship builds.

Starfield’s ship customization is a massive new feature coming to the upcoming space RPG, allowing you to build just about anything from the expansive collection of ship modules. The Starfield Direct showcase gave us a taste of the power and versatility of the game’s ship-building system, with the developers showing creations that ran the gamut from sleek speedsters to lumbering Transformers-inspired clunkers.

In the wake of the Starfield Direct demonstration, fans have been begging to have access to a Starfield ship builder ahead of the game’s launch. In its absence, Redditors like __ass have used Photoshop and similar design tools to pull out the ship modules to create their own vehicles.

Redditor __ass has released a line of custom ships, including their version of the Millennium Falcon.

Screenshot of Redditor __ass' Millennium Falcon design.

The very same Redditor also created a unique ship they call the “Fleet Ranger” which features two pincer-like modules on the front, and a sleek jet design in the rear.

Screenshot of Redditor __ass' Fleet Ranger ship design.

Fan response to __ass’ posts has been exceptionally positive, with many turning to the designs they are hoping to recreate in Starfield when it releases in September. Popular choices have included the Firefly Serenity, Dark Matter’s Raza, and even Halo’s UNSC Sabre.

Redditor Code_Cric states they “will be building a freighter that’s a replica of The Pillar of Autumn!”

Unfortunately, Bethesda has not made any announcements that an early Starfield ship builder will be available before launch. We’re building a host of interactive Starfield tools and utilities right here, so bookmark the site and follow Starfield Db on Google News to be the first to try them out for yourself. We might even be working on a ship builder of our own…