Starfield equipment

The best Starfield equipment is essential to your survival, be it an upgraded Boost Pack, helmet, or armored suit.

You’ll find all sorts of Starfield equipment throughout the Settled Systems and as you research more items in the research laboratory. Bethesda has divided equipment into several different categories quite unlike its previous titles. So, we’ve created a guide to explain it all.

Starfield equipment categories

Starfield’s equipment can be divided into:

  • Apparel – fashionable clothing choices that you’ll wear under your spacesuit
  • Helmets – protective headwear for the vacuum of space, and bullets
  • Packs – items worn on your back, like the Boost Pack or backpacks
  • Spacesuits – your main protection against violence, and the elements

Each of these items provide different bonuses to your base resistances and stats. However, as Helmets and Spacesuits have been shown to confer damage resistances, we have grouped them into Starfield armor pieces and created a separate database for them.

Legendary pieces of equipment will confer additional bonuses like the chance to set enemies ablaze, or provide extra hacking attempts when using a digipick.

Starfield apparel

Clothing has always been a great way to customize your character in previous Bethesda titles, and Starfield is no different. Though you will require a spacesuit on worlds without atmospheres, or dangerous substances, you may want something more casual and comfortable for when you’re visiting a more civilized corner of the Settled Systems.

We’ve already seen a few questionable fashion decisions that exist in the Starfield setting, and each faction appears to have their own unique clothing designs.

Bethesda has not yet revealed the effects of any clothing items, but you can be sure we will be back to update this guide as soon as they do.

Starfield helmets

You won’t get far without a helmet, as only 10% of all the planets in Starfield can support life, and even those worlds might not have an atmosphere you can breathe. Helmets provide you with some added protection to your base physical, energy, and electromagnetic resistances, allowing you to take more damage.

You can also choose to hide your helmet while wearing it, allowing you to keep the bonuses of your equipment if you’re not keen on the visuals.

Screenshot of a piece of Starfield equipment - the helmet

Here are all of the known Starfield helmet options:

Starfield spacesuits

Your spacesuit is your greatest protection against hostile elements in the Settled Systems, and function similarly to helmets. Better yet, Starfield provides an option to hide your spacesuit when you visit a settlement like New Atlantis or Akila City.

Spacesuits have been shown to be moddable, and can come with legendary effects.

A fully suited Starfield character in Starfield equipment.

Here are all of the known Starfield spacesuits:

Starfield packs

Early into Starfield’s campaign, you may find a Boost Pack strapped to your back – Starfield’s take on the jetpack – which will allow you to jump across difficult terrain or gain a tactical advantage in combat. A few packs have been spotted during the Starfield Direct showcase, indicating that you can upgrade and find Boost Packs that extend your jump time or ‘Boost’ consumption.

There is also the distinct chance that backpacks will feature in Starfield, allowing you to expand your carry weight easily, with footage from Starfield Direct and other trailers supporting this theory. However, as Bethesda has not officially announced that backpacks are in the game, this is speculation for now.

You are, however, able to unequip your pack should you find that it doesn’t look right when paired with your best tuxedo.

Now that you’re familiar with all the best Starfield equipment, make sure you grab the best guns and companions to fight alongside you ahead of the September release.

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