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Skill Categories Science
Tier 2
Item Code 002CFCB1

Starfield Scanning skill overview

The Starfield Scanning skill is a tier 2 skill in the Science skill tree. It, as with all Starfield skills, has 4 ranks, beginning at rank 1 and ending at rank 4. In order to progress up the Scanning skill tree, you will need to complete various skill challenges related to the skill in question, and increase your Starfield level to earn skill points. Each rank requires a skill point to unlock.

The Scanning Skill allows you to detect additional resource patches on planet and moons, it also allows you to gain more information about ships in space. As this skill is ranked up you will be able to detect rarer resources and gain more detailed information on ships.

This skill gives you a great advantage when establishing your outpost by displaying rarer resource node locations. Without the scanning skill, you can only find common resources, with rarer resources being available through direct mining with the Cutter tool. However, rank up the Scanning skill, and you’ll be able to put extractors down on more valuable resources, thus fueling your Cargo Link – Inter-System network.

In-game Scanning skill description

While anyone can use a ship’s scanner, it takes a specially trained operator to detect hard-to-find planetary resources, or uncover the details of nearby ships.

The Scanning skill has the following ranks and stats:

RankRank ImageRank EffectRank Challenge
1You can detect uncommon inorganic resources on planet and moon surfaces, and more information about ships in space.Scan 5 planets or moons.
2You can detect rare inorganic resources on planet and moon surfaces, and more specific information about ships in space.Scan 15 planet or moons.
3You can detect exotic inorganic resources on planet and moon surfaces, and gain better combat information on ships in space.Scan 30 planets or moons.
4You can detect unique inorganic resources on planet and moon surfaces, and gain a complete list of cargo on ships in space.You have mastered this skill.

How to unlock Scanning console command

If you want to add the Scanning Starfield skill to your character without increasing your Starfield level or expending a skill point, simply open the Starfield console command window with the apostrophe (‘) or tilde (~) key and enter the following command:

player.addperk 002CFCB1

By repeating the player.addperk 002CFCB1 command, you can bypass the Scanning rank-up challenge and unlock the next rank. Entering the above command four times will unlock the rank 4 Scanning skill.

To remove the Scanning skill, you can use the following command:

player.removeperk 002CFCB1