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Not even Bethesda modders dare to clash with Starfield’s release

The Fallout 4 overhaul mod, Fallout London, has announced its official launch has been delayed to avoid clashing with Starfield’s release.

Not even Bethesda modders dare to clash with Starfield’s release

Fallout London, a fan project that could reinvent Fallout 4 in a new, international setting, has announced that it will delay its release because of Starfield. Originally intended for release in Q3 of 2023, Fallout London has now been pushed back to Q4 in order to avoid competing with Bethesda’s epic new IP.

“Fallout: London” is a colossal DLC-sized mod which transports the player from Fallout 4’s main setting, the radioactive Commonwealth, to a post-apocalyptic London. The fan made mod has created unique assets in the form of environments, landmarks, armor, weapons, and features everything from new factions to a team of voice actors. In scale alone, it is set to be the largest mod ever created for a Bethesda title, and hotly anticipated as one of the greatest Fallout 4 mods of all time.

Originally intended for release in the third quarter of 2023, Project Lead Dean Carter announced in the “Fallout: London – 2nd Quarter 2023 Progress Video” that the mod would be delayed to the fourth quarter of 2023.

Due to Starfield’s release date delays from November 2022 to September 2023, Bethesda’s release schedule now clashes with Fallout London. Carter explained that the delay was very positive for players as it “not only gives you all more time to play Starfield, but also allows us more time for playtesting and bugfixing.”

Though delays normally create backlash within the gaming community, most commenters responded positively to the news of Fallout London’s delay. As YouTube commenter @ThePapaDeejay put it, “Releasing it later is a great idea in my opinion. I can’t wait to play it!”

Another YouTuber, @AGRACUTA, who claims to be a game developer expressed that they had “to say massive respect to all of you. This is really cool. Also your communication with the community is a master class and triple A studios should take note. Can’t wait to play the mod when its ready!”

It goes to show that Starfield is so highly anticipated that not even a mod which has been in development since 2019 dares to compete with Bethesda’s new epic at launch.

One can only hope that the talented team and modders behind Fallout London eventually turn their attention to Starfield. A DLC-sized mod from them in a universe with over 1000 planets, more weapons than any other Bethesda title, and all on the newly improved Creation Engine 2 would be quite the sight to see.