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New Starfield update FINALLY introduces FSR 3 support

New Starfield update FINALLY introduces FSR 3 support

Update: Starfield patch has left the Steam beta branch and is now accessible across all platforms as of February 20, 2024. Original post follows.

Starfield gets AMD’s FSR 3 support in its latest Starfield Steam beta patch. It’s an admittedly small Starfield update, but one that is six months overdue, and has been long awaited by AMD graphic card owners. Unfortunately, patch is only available on Steam for now, but will likely roll out everywhere else within two weeks. 

For those who opt into the Steam beta and turn on FSR 3 (and have a compatible AMD card), gamers will now benefit from more advanced frame generation and upscaling, which should lead to better framerates and gameplay performance. Given that the Starfield system requirements aren’t the easiest thing to reach, some additional optimization is a welcome update, especially as Bethesda didn’t announce their plans to release FSR 3 support in advance. 

That said, it still seems curious that a game developed with AMD optimization in mind didn’t have support for FSR 3 at launch. Of course, NVIDIA GPU owners were in a less envious position, and fans weren’t particularly pleased by the AMD partnership. Fortunately, NVIDIA owners did eventually see a Starfield NVIDIA DLSS patch towards the end of 2023.  

This latest patch – also known as Starfield update – also added support for Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) which brings numerous performance enhancements to Intel graphic cards, particularly for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs.

NVIDIA DLSS users will also be pleased to know that Bethesda fixed a resolution scaling bug which occurred when the player switched between Fullscreen and Windowed Mode while using the DLSS setting.

Bethesda may have promised a Starfield update every six weeks, but they seem to be overdelivering at the moment! Hopefully there will be yet more Starfield updates in the near future, and one that addresses the previously promised in-game Starfield maps, and “travel improvements.” So, make sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest announcements.