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Starfield DLSS update is finally here, but only on Steam

The long-awaited Nvidia DLSS support for Starfield has finally arrived alongside a slew of improvements and bug fixes, if you own the game on Steam.

Starfield DLSS update is finally here, but only on Steam

Official Starfield DLSS support launched on Steam with the 1.8.83 patch, bringing a host of graphical and performance enhancements for Nvidia hardware owners. The patch additionally introduced numerous bug fixes and the ability to eat food without opening your inventory, but there’s just one caveat: if you bought Starfield on the Microsoft store or on Xbox, you can’t access this update yet.

Since Starfield launched in September 2023, Nvidia hardware owners were dismayed to find that native DLSS support was not available for Starfield. As a result, high-end graphics cards were unable to render the game as well as they could have. In the ensuing vacuum of hardware support, Starfield mods patched in DLSS features, leaving many wondering why Bethesda chose not to include DLSS support at launch regardless of their AMD partnership.

Fortunately, that’s no longer a concern for Starfield Steam edition owners, who can now opt into the Starfield 1.8.83 patch by right-clicking on their copy of Starfield in the Steam library view, clicking on “Properties”, clicking into the “Betas” option, and opting into the “beta” branch of the game.

DLSS support aside, the most important fixes and features you need to know about for the Starfield 1.8.83 patch are as follows:

  • Players can now consume food without picking it up first.
  • Stealth is more forgiving, and far more viable.
  • The eyes of crowd NPCs now look less lifeless.
  • Ship service technicians should no longer disappear.
  • Bethesda fixed an issue that prevented players from firing their weapons.
  • Additional graphical options such as HDR and Brightness and Contrast have been added to the settings menu.

Much more was also addressed in the 1.8.83 patch, alongside 10 different Starfield missions bug fixes, making the beta patch one of the largest Bethesda has released for Starfield thus far. You can read the full 1.8.83 patch notes over on our Starfield update page.

Unfortunately, all of the above changes and improvements are not due for release to the wider Starfield PC and Xbox audiences until “later this month” as the official Bethesda announcement has stated. So, if you’re stuck waiting for the 1.8.83 patch, head on over to our Starfield forum and let us know which fix you’re most excited about, and follow Starfield Db on Google News so you don’t miss the wider release of the latest Starfield patch.

If there’s an issue you need fixing now, double-check the Starfield Community Patch, the unofficial Starfield mod that already addresses a range of issues Bethesda has yet to address.