Did Bethesda just tease Starfield vehicles?

Bethesda may have hinted at the arrival of in-game city maps and “new ways of traveling.” Are Starfield vehicles finally arriving?

Did Bethesda just tease Starfield vehicles?

As optimistic as it might seem, Bethesda may have just teased that Starfield vehicles are not only in development, but could arrive early in the New Year. A comment posted on Reddit contained several tidbits on upcoming content that is currently in the works, and may indicate that Bethesda is taking your feedback on the game to heart.

Since launch, players have long lamented the lack of Starfield vehicles beyond the main Starfield ship. Previously, Starfield concept art lent hope to the possibility of a rover being present at the game’s launch. Unfortunately, the only “vehicle” that allowed players to explore a planet’s surface was their trusty Starfield jetpack, which, frankly, was never fast enough.

Starfield wallpaper of a frozen planet with snowy mountains and a star filled sky

In an unexpected Reddit comment, the official Bethesda account announced that “new ways of traveling” were in the works, and that future Starfield updates could be seen as frequently as every six or so weeks.

While Bethesda’s Reddit comment did not explicitly state what “new ways of traveling” referred to, it seems quite likely that Bethesda has listened to fan feedback, and that Bethesda has devised better methods of exploring a planet. As Bethesda themselves said “we read all the feedback [on Reddit] and greatly appreciate it.”

If this holds true, we can only hope that vehicles are in the works, and imagine how we might transport them from planet to planet. A new Starfield ship component that works as a portable garage seems like the most elegant solution, and would expand on the pre-existing ship customization options that have proven incredibly popular with the Starfield community.

If, however, vehicles are not in the works, numerous Redditors are hopeful that Bethesda are working on improvements to the fast travel mechanic, or making it possible to fly between planets without opening the Starfield star map.

Regardless of what Bethesda has planned, it’s good to hear that they are listening to feedback on the Starfield Reddit page, and that they are taking that advice onboard. Whether that advice materializes in the way fans hope remains to be seen.

Something that Bethesda did confirm in their comment was the upcoming release of in-game maps, and the much-anticipated Starfield mod support. It is not likely that we will see these prior to the holiday season, due to the amount of testing Bethesda wants to put into each update (likely to avoid creating additional Starfield bugs).

While we wait for the in-game maps, you can use our fully-updated Starfield city maps to find the Starfield NPC, magazine, or location that eludes you. You can also follow Starfield Db on Google News to get the latest updates, and find out what the next Starfield update contains.

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