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Starfield gets a much needed overhaul

Weapon rebalances, Terrormorph buffs, questline improvements, and way, way more arrive in a free Starfield overhaul.

Starfield gets a much needed overhaul

A colossal Starfield overhaul has landed on Nexus Mods, and we couldn’t recommend the sweeping changes it makes to enemies like the Terrormorph and Ashta, the in-game economy, and random encounters. If you want to give the entire universe a polish for free and with just a few clicks, this mod package is the one for you.

Starfield is already a massive gaming experience, with any single playthrough taking hundreds of hours just to make a dent in the expansive Starfield mission list. However, not all is perfect in the Settled Systems, which is probably why Starfield mods number in the thousands already, even before the official Creator’s Club is released later this year.

The Royal Galaxy Series One mod by JaeDL bundles more than 40 mods into one easily downloaded file. The mod author is responsible for many of the packaged mods, and has already laid out expansion plans for the mod pack.

This Starfield overhaul doesn’t add in anything as wacky as the Starfield X-Wing mod, and instead aims to improve the base game. Not only will you encounter more activities as you explore the Royal Galaxy, but you’ll also find enemies to be less spongy, drop more loot, and you’ll also see significant improvements to the Frontier ship.

Image of the Frontier, taken by JaeDL for their Royal Galaxy Series One mod.

Starfield is sure to see even more overhauls and mods once the official modding support is released by Bethesda. The only question that remains is whether the Creation Engine 2 tools will land before or after the Starfield Shattered Space expansion. Now that a Starfield PS5 edition has been ruled out (at least for now), we can only keep our fingers crossed that Bethesda’s modding tools become available sooner rather than later.

To make sure you don’t miss the announcement, be sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News, and let us know what you think of the Royal Galaxy overhaul mod in the Starfield forum. If you install the mod, be sure to head over to Kreet for a Terrormorph extravaganza, and best of luck!