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Starfield’s Terrormorphs are some of the most frightening creatures in the wider Settled Systems, threatening humanity’s continued existence.

Enemy Types Humanoid, Spacer

What is the Starfield Terrormorph?

While you don’t run into Terrormorphs all too often, you need to keep your wits about you when you do. These monstrosities are much more violent than your run-of-the-mill Starfield creatures, and if you’re unprepared, they can easily kick you back to your last save point. If you’re trying to take one down, our best advice is to use explosives like the Frag Grenade and any mines you have at your disposal – especially if you have the Demolitions Skill – to blast the Terrormorph into the abyss.

You have to take on a Starfield Terrormorph during the ‘Grunt Work‘ side mission on Tau Ceti II, but you can make the job easier by activating turrets in the area to help deal with the beast. We also recommend a firefighting companion, such as Barrett or Andreja, to assist here, providing a higher damage output to deal with the creature while also offering a distraction to keep it from targeting just you.

Terrormorph overview

Starfield Terrormorph is one of many Starfield enemies you can encounter in Starfield, and is categorized as Creature and Terrormorph.

As your level increases, so too will the levels, health, and variations of the Terrormorph enemies you encounter. Among the standard Terrormorph enemies you face, some may spawn with additional red marks beneath the white health bar above their head. These red marks function as additional health bars, making these higher-health Terrormorph much more difficult to deal with.

A terrifying monstrosity, the Terrormorph is a creature that can appear in numerous locations. It has high health, high damage resistance, and considerable attack power. Defeating it is no easy task, and you’ll need the best Starfield weapons and some good Boost Pack tactics to survive. Be wary of keeping crew members or companions nearby, as Terrormorphs are highly-intelligent creatures that even have the ability to mind-control NPCs during combat using special pheromones.

As you will discover during the United Colonies questline, Terrormorphs appear seemingly at random, but only at “long-established” centers of civilization. What no one in the Settled Systems realizes is that Terrormorphs are the final stage of the Heat Leech’s lifecycle. Heat Leeches are notorious throughout the Settled Systems as nasty stowaways that siphon heat and energy from Starfield ships, but are otherwise regarded as little more than a pest. Fortunately, pilots and engineers regularly check for and eradicate leeches for this reason, incidentally preventing Terrormorphs from appearing.

Ultimately, the spread of the Terrormorph was caused by the United Colonies. Heat Leeches, and by extension Terrormorphs, are native to the planet Toliman II, which is where you’ll also find the wreckage of the city of Londinion. The United Colonies presence on Toliman II resulted in the culling of numerous predators and environmental factors that kept Heat Leeches in check.

Ignorant of this fact, the United Colonies sought to engineer the Terrormorph into the ultimate bioweapon for the Colony War. Alas, the weapon proved too wild and broke free of its constraints at the Kreet Research Lab. Terrormorphs have since multiplied, spread, and remain a constant threat to long-established colonies in the Settled Systems.

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Terrormorph loot

Thus far, we have confirmed that the following loot can drop from a defeated Terrormorph:

No additional loot has been confirmed for this enemy.