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Starfield has X-Wings now, and they’re glorious

Ever dreamed of joining the Rebel Alliance? Well now you can with this perfect X-Wing Starfield mod.

Starfield has X-Wings now, and they’re glorious

Numerous players have tried recreating Star Wars ships in Starfield, but one Starfield mod goes further than anything before it. Now you can take control of custom-made X-Wing ship parts which are so good they need to be seen to be believed.

Starfield ship building has always been one of the best mechanics Bethesda introduced to Starfield, and many Starfield mods have sought to expand the ship customization options with more parts, custom-built ships, and even capital ships.

However, Starfield mods have been somewhat limited in scope while the Starfield modding community came to grips with the newly updated Creation Engine 2. Bethesda has yet to release official modding support, but plans do exist to release a Starfield Creation Kit in 2024. Fortunately, the hardwork and dedication of the Starfield modders has overcome the lack of official tools time and time again, as proven once more by Electionis and their Star wars T-65B X-Wing mod. 

Image of the Starfield X-Wing from a mod by electionis - side view

Electionis has gone the extra mile to faithfully recreate the T-65B X-Wing, and you can fully customize the paint job, including the R2 unit on top. The ship consists of just 16 different components, each of them exclusively designed for this mod.

Image of the Starfield X-Wing mod by electionis in ship build mode.

The only unfortunate limitation is that the ship’s X-shaped wings can’t collapse. The wings will always remain locked in attack position, which every Spacer and House Va’ruun mercenary will learn to fear in short order. This ship packs a real punch as you can see in the demonstration below.

Just bear in mind that, before you get building, you’ll need to add the following text to your Starfieldcustom.ini file’s Spaceship section:


This code will enable ship components to fit together more snugly and overlap where required.

Full assembly instructions for the Starfield X-Wing can be found on the official mod page, so make sure to keep it tabbed while you’re in the Starfield ship building menu.

It won’t be long until Bethesda release official modding support to Starfield, at which point Starfield mods will really take off. For now, we’ll have to wait for that particular Starfield update to be announced. So, until then, make sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News so you never miss a thing.