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Starfield Shattered Space FINALLY gets a launch window, Creation Kit coming soon

Todd Howard breaks the silence around Starfield Shattered Space DLC, and reveals details for the next Starfield update, and Creation Kit 2.

Starfield Shattered Space FINALLY gets a launch window, Creation Kit coming soon

At long last, Todd Howard has delivered some concrete information on upcoming content for Starfield. In a video interview, Todd Howard revealed that the Starfield Shattered Space expansion is due in the Fall, that city maps and ship building will feature heavily in an upcoming Starfield update, and that the Creation Kit 2 is already in the hands of select modders for testing.

An announcement for the release of the latest Starfield update is imminent, according to Todd Howard: “I think it’s going to get announced in a few days actually, this week, and be up on Steam Beta.”

Howard went on to state that the upcoming update will contain the long-awaited in-game city maps, and additional content for ship building.

We expected to see the next Starfield update several weeks ago, because Bethesda promised at the end of 2023 that they would release an update “roughly every six weeks.” Unfortunately, that timeline has been missed somewhat.

That aside, Howard finally gave us a release window for the first Starfield DLC package, stating “Shattered Space is in the Fall.” As a result, we could see the first major story expansion as early as September 2024, assuming no Starfield delays are announced.

While a Fall launch is now anticipated, the Kinda Funny Games interview did not unpack what we can expect to see in the Shattered Space expansion. It is not yet known if the first DLC will expand on end-game content, or introduce a new storyline to pursue prior to the Starfield ending, or if it will flesh out any of the major Starfield factions that have felt underdeveloped since launch.

The final, and arguably most important detail, if you’re as much a fan of Starfield mods as we are, is that the Creation Kit 2 is currently in the hands of a select group of modders. These modders have been “incredible” according to Howard, and have already created a number of projects for players to enjoy.

These new tools have been anticipated for some time, and Todd Howard’s comments may well imply the introduction of a Starfield premium currency to support this new Creation Program (which is replacing the previous Creation Club).

Modders are, according to Howard, moving from a hobby to a more professional capacity. These creators can “make a living now” which heavily implies that microtransactions are on the way. These microtransactions will likely be very similar to the Creation Club employed in previous Fallout games and Skyrim, in which players can exchange a premium currency to purchase select mods.

It has long been suspected that microtransactions would eventually arrive on Starfield following the official ESRB rating which stated that Starfield contained “In-Game Purchases.” As such, it would appear microtransactions are now confirmed to be in the game. Hopefully, these in-game purchases will be used to support Starfield mods and will avoid practices that were widely criticized by fans in Fallout 76.

Be sure to watch the full Kinda Funny Games interview, or jump to 30:05, 39:05, and 51:53 for the important Starfield announcements.

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