Starfield endings speculation

Spoiler alert: Here’s a list of all the Starfield endings, how to achieve them, and what they mean for the Starfield endgame.

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With the player able to join any and all of the major factions, the number of Starfield endings is sure to be expansive. Factoring in the side quests, the companions you’ll meet along the way, and the 1000 planets, there are sure to be some bonus endings sprinkled in at the finale.

Bethesda has a long history of giving the player freedom throughout the campaign. Whether you choose to help one faction dominate the others or simply complete a quest, it’s sure to have an effect on the Starfield endgame.

How many Starfield endings are there?

At the time of writing, it is unknown precisely how many endings there are or what form they will take.

Fortunately, Bethesda’s track record for video game endings provides us with a clue as to how Starfield will end. Ever since the release of Fallout 3 in 2008, Bethesda has always had multiple endings with the exception of Skyrim.

Given the scale of the Starfield universe, we believe that the ending to Starfield will adopt the Fallout New Vegas style: several ‘main’ endings, and numerous ‘secondary’ endings. In New Vegas, you could align yourself with a number of factions, and your choice altered the ending cinematic. Following this cinematic, you were given snapshots of all the sidequests and decisions you’d made throughout your playthrough.

So, you can imagine Starfield’s endings could work a bit like this with one main ending that is altered by the faction you assist the most, accompanied by little callbacks to your other actions, sidequests, and companions.

How will Starfield end, and how many options will we get?

What are the Starfield endings?

The main quest of Starfield currently centers around the mystery of the Artifacts and “The Eye”, and the main ending will likely address this.

Assuming the main quest ending is separate to the faction endings, we could also see endings for:

Starfield endgame

Gameplay, as with previous titles, likely won’t end once the end credits have rolled. Instead, you’ll be free to explore the Settled Systems and mop up any locations you neglected, or expand your outpost even further, or pick up the next mod or DLC. However, depending on the ending you picked, you could see some major world changes.

For example, if you chose to support the Freestar Collective, expect to see more of their NPCs scattered around the system, and less of their rivals. Perhaps you’ll see the consequences of your actions and choices. In Fallout 3, whether you chose to pollute the Water Purification Plant or restore it literally made a river toxic or drinkable, and altered the opinions of numerous NPCs and factions.

Either way, we’re sure to learn more about Starfield endings towards its release in September 2023.

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