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Starfield endings

Spoiler alert: Here’s how the Starfield ending plays out, how to achieve it, and what they mean for the Starfield endgame.

Starfield endings

You will reach the Starfield ending by following the main quest and reaching Revelation. Having acquired all of the Starfield Artifacts, created the Armillary, and dealt with The Hunter and The Emissary, the Spacefarer journeys to The Unity. Here, the player is faced with the Starfield ending and one of two choices: return to the universe they just came from, or proceed to New Game Plus. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Starfield’s story.

How many Starfield endings are there?

Prior to any DLC alterations, Starfield has a single ending. After journeying to The Unity – the center of the universe, a god, or incredibly advanced technology – you’ll speak to a mirror of yourself. This other version of you recalls everything you have done in your universe and tells you what the consequences of your choices will be once you have left the universe and started New Game Plus.

You’ll find a number of frozen dioramas that summarize Starfield faction endings if you’ve completed those questlines. You’ll also get to see what happens to your Starfield romance option if you’ve raised the companion’s affinity high enough.

Finally, your choice regarding The Hunter, The Emissary, or forging your own path is reflected in another diorama wherein humanity’s overall future is decided.

What are the Starfield endings?

Once you’ve finished speaking to the mirror-version of yourself, you effectively have two choices: turn back to the universe you came from, or shed your corporeal form and become Starborn.

Should you turn back, you can return to The Unity at any point in order to access New Game Plus. In effect, this choice delays the Starfield ending.

Thus, the only Starfield ending right now is to step through the portal and become Starborn. Doing so reverts the universe back to when you first left Vectera during the One Small Step mission. However, things are notably different. You are no longer entirely human, and you carry your prior knowledge and skills with you, unlocking unique dialogue options as part of the One Small Step (NG+) quest.

Starfield endgame

New Game Plus offers a unique Starfield endgame option. You start off in a fresh Starfield universe with all quests, items, weapons, armor, ships etc removed from your possession. You only retain your Starfield skills, level, Starfield powers, and start the game with some unique armor, and the unique Starborn Guardian ship.

You can journey to The Lodge and reintroduce yourself to Constellation, much to everyone’s confusion, and explain what happened. Doing so gives you a quest to locate the Artifacts which are in different locations (you’re in a parallel universe), and provides unique dialogue options, even with Mom and Dad.

From there, you can relive all of the missions you previously completed, or make different choices to affect the dioramas at the ending.

Given that Bethesda and Pete Hines have hinted the game truly begins once you’ve reached the ending, it’s possible that future Starfield DLC will massively alter the effects of the ending, given the lore implications of the origins of the Artifacts, and the effect of your becoming Starborn on the universe as a whole.