Starfield’s biggest update is out now on Steam beta with over 100 fixes

The latest Starfield update has arrived on Steam beta with over 100 bug fixes, and promises to clear up the pet asteroid bug (again).

Starfield’s biggest update is out now on Steam beta with over 100 fixes

Starfield biggest update so far has been released to the Steam beta branch following a short delay. Starfield update brings more than 100 bug fixes and improvements to the table, and takes a second shot at the infamous “pet asteroid” bug which patch 1.8.88 failed to resolve.

Update represents the first major Starfield bug fix of 2024, and the first in a series of updates that Bethesda plans to release “about every six weeks” moving forward. This appears to be independent of any Starfield DLC releases, so it may be some time before we see the Starfield Shattered Space DLC released to PC and Xbox. 

The latest Starfield bug fix was originally meant to launch on Wednesday 17, 2024, but was officially delayed due to an “issue” that was discovered by the development team. Fortunately, Starfield Steam players need wait no longer, as Starfield update is available for download now. 

While this latest update addresses more than 100 issues, including a vast swathe of Starfield mission fixes, the majority of updates are quite minor, such as:

  • Shadows can now be seen on planet rings from a planet’s surface.
  • Improved eyes and skin on crowd characters.
  • Improved reflection on water.

For the full patch notes, check out the report on the official Bethesda website

If anything, one of the major blows from this update is the removal of legendary weapon farming using an exploit behind Starfield’s outpost storage boxes. While it was definitely a bug in the game, many found the exploit to be a great way of dealing with the RNG and grind surrounding Starfield’s legendary weapon mods which can’t be detached and reattached to the best Starfield weapons

The patch is for Steam players only, and will release to other PC and Xbox players in two week’s time.

It’s great that Starfield is still getting updates and that Bethesda are clearly paying attention to the community, but this latest update doesn’t address many of the core frustrations that many players have with the game. Hopefully, Bethesda’s next Starfield update will bring the promised “travel improvements” and in-game city maps which were promised back in 2023. 

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