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Starfield bug fix update is delayed… by a bug

Oh dear, Bethesda’s newest bug fix has been delayed because the development team has discovered a significant issue.

Starfield bug fix update is delayed… by a bug

As ironic as it may seem, the latest Starfield bug fix will not be released as planned on Wednesday owing to a significant bug. It’s not unfair to say that Starfield bugs have been a persistent problem for players since the game’s release in September 2023. Fortunately, both Bethesda and the Starfield modding community have diligently released several Starfield updates and bug fixes to help patch those issues. Unfortunately, the latest update seems to be a bust, at least for now.

The update in question was due to launch on Steam beta on Wednesday 18, 2024, and was set to deliver over “100 fixes and improvements.” These fixes would have addressed numerous Starfield mission related issues, including the known ship docking issue during the Eye of the Storm quest. Additionally, Bethesda stated that this new update would bring stability improvements, graphic improvements, and fix numerous other bugs.

Bethesda announced on the Starfield Discord channel that “the team discovered an issue they want to address before releasing the above update into the Steam Beta.” Bethesda did not comment on what this issue was, or why it required their latest update to be pushed back. It’s further unclear if the issue in question was caused by the update, though Bethesda’s decision to push the update back rather than address the bug in a future update would suggest the next update introduced a bug or conflict. 

While it is sad news that the 100 fixes won’t be with us as soon as we hoped, there is still hope that the update will be released later this week, with Bethesda stating “We’re aiming to release it later this week but we’ll confirm timing when we know for sure. Thanks for your patience!”

Once the update has been released to the Starfield Steam beta branch, Steam players will be able to sign up to test it out. Two weeks later, Bethesda intends to roll out the update to the wider Starfield community. Until then, if you’re experiencing a Starfield bug, see if someone on our Starfield forum has the fix, or download the Starfield Community Patch which already addresses hundreds of known Starfield issues by itself. 

Otherwise, follow Starfield Db on Google News to find out when the Starfield update drops.