Starfield The Eye

During the Starfield launch date announcement, we caught hints of The Eye in Starfield, but what is The Eye?

The Eye is an unknown element in Starfield which has only been alluded to during the launch date announcement trailer. We have heard of ‘anomalies’, and seen, on desolate moons, strange temples with circular symbols engraved on the walls and doors. Within these gravity-defying structures, swirling rings appear to form a portal.

Are the structures related to the Artifacts? What is The Eye, and what is its connection to Starfield’s anomalies? In finding ourselves with these questions, we’ve put together a guide on everything there is to know.

What is The Eye in Starfield?

The Eye was first mentioned during the launch date announcement trailer in the following dialogue: “The Eye’s showing signs over another one of those big anomalies.”

While nothing else directly references The Eye, we are then shown a series of seemingly related scenes: three complete and rotating rings similar to the Artifacts located in Constellation’s headquarters.

The chamber itself, which rests in a strange temple that defies gravity, contains a massive structure of concentric circles surrounding the aforementioned rings. The Spacefarer approaches the center of the room, and the rings rise from the ground.

A gravity-defying temple seems to house a mystery related to Starfield's "The Eye"

As the three rings swirl faster and faster, lights are drawn into the dark center as if a black hole is forming. Perhaps this device is The Eye, or perhaps it is a portal to something bigger – acting in a similar fashion to your ship’s gravity drive.

We then see a galaxy and lights warping into something almost resembling an eye.

The meaning behind Starfield and The Eye

“Maybe you catch a smile and uncover the source of it all.”

Bethesda has spoken at length that Starfield is, at its heart, a story about humanity. When you get to the end of the game, Todd Howard has expressed “We want the players to look back” and explore the “big questions.”

  • “Why are we all here?”
  • “Where is it leading?”
  • “What’s next for humanity?”

What does "The Eye" mean for the Spacefarer and our journey through Starfield?

Reddit is awash with speculation regarding The Eye, with some fans wondering if The Eye is sentient, or a portal, or an alien artifact.

Perhaps The Eye is a god in the Starfield universe, given we know a number of Starfield religions exist. Perhaps The Eye is more metaphorical in nature, a series of patterns to which avid explorers like those in Constellation are drawn.

Starfield’s The Eye is a mystery, but one we hope to resolve when the game launches in September 2023.

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