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Starfield The Eye

The Starfield Eye is an incredibly powerful satellite owned by the Constellation faction that can detect anomalies across the galaxy

Starfield The Eye

Originally mentioned in a cryptic Starfield trailer, Starfield’s Eye was stipulated to be a mysterious force or phenomenon. Of course, since the Starfield release date, the truth has been revealed: The Eye is another name for the Starfield Constellation Space Station LO-868 which monitors the galaxy for anomalous signatures.

What are these signatures? They are gravitational anomalies left behind by the mysterious Artifacts, which The Eye is capable of detecting and reporting to the player on surpassing the Starfield opening mission.

What is The Eye in Starfield?

The Eye was first mentioned during the launch date announcement trailer in the following dialogue: “The Eye’s showing signs over another one of those big anomalies.”

While nothing else directly references The Eye, we were shown a series of seemingly related scenes: three complete and rotating rings similar to the Artifacts located in Constellation’s headquarters.

The chamber itself, which rests in a strange temple that defies gravity, contained a massive structure of concentric circles surrounding the aforementioned rings. The Spacefarer approached the center of the room, and the rings rose from the ground.

A gravity-defying temple seems to house a mystery related to Starfield's "The Eye"

As the three rings swirled faster and faster, lights were drawn into the dark center as if a black hole was forming. This is now known as the main sequence which appears in the many Starfield temples which grant mystical powers on completing a simple flight puzzle.

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