Starfield opening

How does your exploration of the Settled Systems begin? What is the first quest? We've put together our guide to the Starfield opening, so you can go in knowing what to expect.

The Starfield opening is where you first begin the game. It is where the main quest begins, and where you learn the game’s mechanics through a few tutorials. We’ve got all the advice you need to get this epic quest off to a solid start, as well as a few tips that can help carry you through the main quest and beyond in Bethesda’s universal RPG. Of course, there are spoilers ahead, so if you want to stay fresh, maybe come back a little later on.

To get your head around navigation before blasting off for the first time, check out our guide to Starfield planets, including Earth, Jemison, and everything in between, plus our list of all the systems waiting for you to visit. Or, if you want a better idea of what spacecraft you can fly, and commandeer, see our guides to Starfield ships, ship components, and ship types.

Starfield opening - One Small Step

With the release date upon us, we now know how the Starfield opening shakes down. It begins with the One Small Step mission – click the link for our step-by-step walkthrough – which has all the elements you expect from the beginning of a Bethesda game.

The mission begins in the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost, with your player character working alongside Heller and Supervisor Lin as a miner. You do a little mining before you come across the first of your Starfield Artifacts, though the sheer power of the thing forces you into a powerful vision that leaves you in a hospital bed, where the game truly begins. Think of this first part as something of a prologue.

After the extensive introduction, you’re introduced to the game world through tidbits of information, before you finally get into character creation, choosing between multiple backgrounds and traits to define your player character. It’s worth checking out our guides to the best skills, best backgrounds, and best traits if you need a hand deciding.  Once you’re happy with your character, it’s time to really get into things, with your first taste of combat just around the corner.

Without ruining the Starfield opening hour too much, what follows next is an introduction to Barrett, who gives you the first of your companions in the form of your new robot friend Vasco. You also meet your first factions, with both Constellation and the Crimson Fleet making an appearance before the mission is over, and visit your first planet with a quick trip to Kreet.

Screenshot of two Argos Extractors NPCs handing your the character customization tool.

Do be sure to figure out your Chronomark watch as soon as you get it, though, as this piece of kit is vital to finding your way across the Settled Systems and accessing the all-important Constellation Headquarters. You also get an invite to New Atlantis, the home of Constellation, during this mission. If you want to stick to the story for a while before taking on side quests, it’s worth making the trip to Jemison to seek out the highly populated city.

With that, you’re clued up on the Starfield opening, with the grand prologue throwing you right into the heat of things in classic Bethesda fashion. For clues on where to go next, head over to our Starfield missions database to chart a course to your next adventure.

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