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This new Starfield mod is perfect for Halloween

Looking to add a little Halloween cheer to your game? We've found the perfect Starfield mod to turn everyone into monsters.

This new Starfield mod is perfect for Halloween

With October 31st upon us, there’s never been a better time to install a few Halloween Starfield mods to celebrate the holiday. From living mannequins, to turning civilians into iconic killers, or putting a pumpkin on your head, here are the latest mods to set you up for Halloween.

The Halloween Crowd mod by SomberX takes some of the horror genre’s most recognisable monsters and spreads them throughout the NPCs that generate as part of Starfield’s crowd feature. Unlike normal NPCs, crowd NPCs are extremely generic and used to fill up the space of an area (with mixed results depending on the Starfield settings you are using).

Screenshot of the Halloween Crowd NPC costumes in SomberX's Starfield mod.

SomberX’s newly costumed NPCs aren’t hostile, but the glow-in-the-dark pumpkin heads have certainly made us jump a couple times when playing, though they aren’t nearly as menacing as Yeti’s Manic-quins mod, or the Pumpkin Helmet mod by “m” which makes you look like a certified serial killer.

Screenshot of the Pumpkin Head mod by Nexus Modder "m".

If you’re looking to further enhance your game with Halloween-themed mods, then you should also consider using the Halloween Items mod by CH3AZAY which exchanges numerous items with appropriately themed replacements, and the Set for Halloween mod by Sp0ckrates which introduces some horror-movie posters for you to plaster throughout Cydonia.

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