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Starfield mod introduces terrifying new foe – mannequins

Was that mannequin always standing there? Starfield mod brings mannequins to life, but only when you're not looking at them.

Starfield mod introduces terrifying new foe – mannequins

In space, no one can hear you scream. Horror exists in Starfield, but in very limited chunks (and I don’t mean the mystery behind the Chunks-brand “flavored” cubes). A Terrormorph might seek to physically control your character, and the Entangled mission will instill a certain paranoia in you as you jump between realities, but no Starfield mod has scared us more than one which brought mannequins to life.

If you’ve ever played Bioshock and encountered the Plastered Splicer enemies, or if you ever watched Doctor Who and its Weeping Angels, you’ll have an idea why the Manic-quins Starfield mod by Nexus Modder Yeti is so terrifying.

Most enemies in Starfield are polite enough to announce their intentions loudly, be it with a verbal provocations, gunshots, growls, or the occasional explosion. Yeti’s mannequins do none of those things. At best, you’ll hear a few footsteps, only to turn around and find the mannequin you were looking at not moments ago right behind you, frozen midstep towards you.

Screenshot from Nexus Modder Yeti's Manic-quins mod.

Experiencing it firsthand is quite the terrifying experience, particularly if you ever forgot you installed the mod in the first place.

Yeti’s mod is perhaps one of the first Halloween-themed mods to hit the Nexus, and a good sign of what modders are capable of bringing to life. We have our fingers-crossed that Yeti introduces a variant that allows mannequins to attack you, and inspire a full Starfield mission mod reminiscent of the Doctor Who episode “Rose” with the Auton alien threat, especially if we get to keep our very own mannequin companion.

Have you been terrified by Starfield mannequins? Tell us all about your experiences with Yeti’s mod over in the Starfield forum, and follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest and best Starfield mods and fan creations.