Introvert overview

Likely a callback to the Fallout 4 Lone Wanderer perk, the Starfield Introvert trait will give you a damage resistance bonus when navigating the stars alone.

Introvert in-game description

You really need your alone time. You have more endurance when adventuring alone, but less when adventuring with other human companions. (Can’t be combined with Extrovert.)

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How to remove the Starfield Introvert trait

To remove the Introvert trait, you’ll need to speak with a major NPC like Keeper Aquilus.

How to get the Introvert trait

Apart from selecting the Introvert trait as one of your three choices at the Starfield character creator menu, you can use Starfield console commands to add or remove the trait from your Spacefarer.

To add the Introvert trait, use the following command:

player.addperk 00227FD8

To remove the Introvert trait, use the following command:

player.removeperk 00227FD8

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