Starfield achievements

Our guide to every Starfield achievement has all you need to unlock everything and come away with a significantly improved GamerScore.

Starfield achievements

If you’re looking for a long list of Starfield achievements, you’re in the right place. Our exhaustive guide to maxing out your GamerScore in Bethesda’s space-age RPG is all you need to make sure there’s no stone left unturned across the Settled System.

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All the Starfield achievements

We’ve got a list of all the Starfield Achievements so you can cross them off as you quest across the expanse of deepest darkest space. There’s also a short guide for each one, giving you some hints as to how you might complete some of the more obscure achievements in our list.

AchievementHow to unlockAchievement guide
A Legacy ForgedComplete “A Legacy Forged.”This is the first of many on our list of Starfield achievements that asks you to complete a specific task, in this instance the ‘A Legacy Forged’ quest. Your best bet here is to power through both the Starfield main quest and side quests to find the mission in question before completing it for an achievement.
All That Money Can BuyComplete “All That Money Can Buy.”Again, this is another achievement where you need to complete a specific quest before you can pick up the GamerScore. So head over to our All that Money Can Buy guide for all the steps to get this one done.
Another Bug HuntEliminate 300 creatures.If you want to get this one quickly, your best bet is to hunt low-level creatures in their droves. Kreet is a solid option for your bug hunting, with plenty of low-level beasties for you to take out with the weapon of your choice.
Back to the GrindJoin Ryujin Industries.You can easily cross this one off by signing up for Ryujin Industries in Neon, a trading hub on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. The game indicates what you need to do with a quest marker in your activities hub as you arrive on Neon, so just find a Ryujin Industries terminal and join to cross off this entry on our list of Starfield achievements.
Boots on the GroundLand on 100 planets.Considering there are over 1,000 planets in Starfield, you shouldn’t have much trouble crossing this one off your list. Just go wherever the feeling takes you, from Al-Battani V to Zamka. Or maybe see something familiar, and see the sights of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune in the Sol system.
Chief EngineerModify a ship.This is one of the many Starfield achievements you can cross off the list pretty early on. To modify any of your ships, you need to talk to a ship technician at a Spaceport. Don’t worry if you don’t have any components, you can purchase them from the technician before they fit the part for you.
Cyber JockeyBypass 50 digital locks.For this one, you need to be digipicking locks whenever possible. For harder locks, you need to master the Security skill, so keep an eye out for any pickable objects while questing to keep boosting your level and steal this achievement.
Dark MatterEliminate 300 human enemies.Okay, this one is all about combat, which means skills like Shotgun Certification, Sniper Certification, and Pistol Certification come into play. The best way to approach this achievement is to seek out combat through quests and missions, while also taking out any space pirates you might bump into out the expanse.
DeputizedJoin the Freestar Rangers.The Freestar Rangers are an elite group within the Freestar Collective, so you’re going to have to start there first. You can find the Freestar Collective in Akila City, on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. From there, our quest guide for Deputized has you covered.
Dust OffReach level five.This is one of the entries on our list of Starfield achievements that should come pretty easily and pretty early on in the game. Still, if you want to concentrate on leveling up quickly, we’ve got a whole guide on the Starfield max level cap and how you can try and break it. Good luck.
EliteReach level 25.As ever with Bethesda games, the quickest way to level up is through rigorous questing, combat, exploration, and crafting. If you’re struggling to level up, be sure to try and implement some skills like Gastronomy, Chemistry, and Commerce to get some extra XP.
EntangledComplete “Entangled.”As with plenty of the other individual quest unlocks on this list of Starfield achievements, we’ve got an Entangled walkthrough you can use to pick this one up.
Executive LevelComplete “Executive Level.”This is another achievement that requires you to finish a section of the main quest or a side quest.
FixerComplete 30 activities.New activities arrive in your activities hub through all kinds of means in Starfield, from talking to random NPCs to reading notes left in peculiar places. Simply complete thirty of these activities – and to be clear, just to activity portion, not any specific level that leads off from an activity – and this is one of the easier Starfield achievements to add to your collection.
Fleet CommanderCollect 10 ships.It’s time for space piracy, as the quickest way to collect ten ships is to simply steal them from others in space.
For All, Into the StarfieldEnter space for the first time.We’re pretty sure the opening has you covered here. If not, make for the Frontier and simply take off to grab this achievement.
Further Into the UnknownComplete “Further Into the Unknown.”To cross this one off, check out our Further Into the Unknown walkthrough.
Guilty PartiesComplete “Guilty Parties.”This achievement is another where you need to finish a specific mission, this time “Guilty Parties”, to cross it off your list.
High Price to PayComplete “High Price to Pay.”Check out our guide to the High Price to Pay mission to get this achievement under your belt.
Home Sweet HomeBuild an outpost.Because of the flexibility of outposts and outpost management, this achievement is easy. Simply set up an outpost on one of the many planets, like Beta Ternion III or Nirvana II, and cross this one off the list. If you can’t figure out how to set an outpost up, just open your scanner and select the option for an outpost beacon.
I Use Them For SmugglingSuccessfully smuggle contraband.This one is clear, but you’re going to need Stealth and Concealment skills to get something past Spaceport Terminal security. Your best bet is to head for Neon, pick up some of the illegal drug Aurora, and smuggle it anywhere you feel inside your ship’s shieded cargo space. Just remember, only certain planets have cargo checks, so you’re going to need to head for somewhere like Akila City or New Atlantis.
In Their FootstepsComplete “In Their Footsteps.”To add this one to your list of Starfield achievements, just check out our In their Footsteps walkthrough.
IndustrialistProduce 500 total resources from outposts.To get this one, mining on your own won’t get you far fast. You need to get people, companions if you can, living on your outpost, so you can get them out to work collecting Nickel, Lead, Aluminum, and more.
Into the UnknownComplete “Into the Unknown.”You can get this achievement by following our walkthrough for Into the Unknown.
Jacked InAccess 50 computers.To pick up this achievement, try and get into any in-game computer you see. Few require special permissions, so keep your eyes open, especially as you explore abandoned outposts and spacer hideouts.
Legacy’s EndComplete “Legacy’s End.”This achievement requires you to finish “Legacy’s End”, which we think it’s fair to speculate might be a late-game main quest mission.
Life Begate LifeGather 500 Organic Resources.You can gather organic resources like H2O – Water, as well as all manner of flora and fauna, while you explore the galaxy. You can also order companions to collect organic resources if you have an outpost on a planet with natural life.
One Giant LeapComplete “One Giant Leap.”This is probably one of the later Starfield achievements you’re going to unlock, but if you need assistance, our One Giant Leap walkthrough has a step-by-step guide to this quest.
One Small StepJoin Constellation.You can join Constellation by finding the major faction at The Lodge in New Atlantis. If you haven’t explored much yet, that’s the major city on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.
PrivateerComplete 30 terminal or misc missions.We think the Mission Board is a good place to start here, or in a large terminal on a planet like Akila or Jemison. Simply accept missions, fulfill the requirements, and repeat.
Reach for the StarsReach level 100.This one might take a while. While you’re trying to get to level 100, it’s worth trying to engage with some of the more obscure skills like Xenosociology, Neurostrikes, and Outpost Engineering. And don’t forget to keep visiting new planets, with everything from Pluto to Nemeria IV offering XP for a first visit.
ReplicatorCraft 100 items.You’re going to need plenty of resources to get the job done, and it’s also worth noting that all the crafting tools you need are available in the basement of The Lodge. However, the fastest way is to set up a Fabricator at an outpost and let it run in the background.
Rock CollectionGather 500 inorganic resources.For this achievement, you need rocks. Lots of rocks. Seek out rocky planets and moons like Alchiba IV-a, Ka’zaal, and Niira. Then, set up some outposts and get some NPC workers to gather those precious hunks of the earth for you.
Rook Meets KingJoin the Crimson Fleet.Simply commit a crime in United Colonies space and let yourself get arrested, or progress the United Colonies questline to earn a chance at joining the Fleet, and earning this achievement.
Shipping MagnateConnect five outposts with cargo links.This achievement is pretty simple. Just keep building outposts as you explore, add cargo links where possible, and you should have five connecting outposts before too long.
Soldier of FortuneMod 50 weapons.This achievement is a little more complex, fortunately, we have a complete guide to Starfield weapon mods. Whether it be a new addition to the Equinox, Beowulf, or Drum Beat, to cross this one off you just need to keep customizing your firearms and knives.
Space OperaReach level 50.This achievement is another one of those that just comes with playing as much as possible. Remember, you get XP for leveling up your skills, so if you need a boost just work on your outpost output while developing your skills like Outpost Engineering and Outpost Management.
StarcrossedReach maximum relationship level with a companion.For this one, you need to concentrate your energy on a specific companion. Whether it be Sarah Morgan or Vasco the robot, you need to do whatever it is to prove your companionship with an NPC. We’re not exactly sure it involves romance, but it well could do.
Stellar CartographyVisit 20 star systems.Our guide to all the Starfield systems is your best friend for this achievement. Browse through the countless systems on that page, including Procyon A, Linnaeus II, Jaffa, and more, to find your next destination. Just keep cruising through space, and you can cross this one off with ease.
Supra et UltraJoin the UC Vanguard.The UC Vanguard is an elite group of the United Colonies military force. You can sign up while in Jemison, with the side quest A Tree Grows in New Atlantis directing you to where to go. If you haven’t unlocked that mission, see if there’s an activity in your activities hub that suggests investigating a scientist standing by a tree, and set it to your main objective.
Surgical StrikeComplete “Surgical Strike.”This is another story or side quest mission, so wait until it pops up then finish the quest for your achievement.
The Best There IsComplete “The Best There Is.”This achievement requires you to see out the “The Best There Is” mission during your playthrough. Fortunately, our walkthrough for The Best There Is has you covered.
The Devils You KnowComplete “The Devils You Know.”To tick off this entry on our list of Starfield achievements, you need to complete the “The Devils You Know” mission.
The Family You ChooseRecruit 10 separate companions.You recruit companions often through interactions within factions, so join all the factions you can. From big names like Constellation and Ryujin Industries to smaller quantities like the Ecliptic Mercenaries and the Enlightened, join them all and talk to as many NPC characters as possible.
The Hammer FallsComplete “The Hammer Falls.”See out the “The Hammer Falls” mission during your time playing Starfield to grab this achievement.
The Stars My DestinationVisit all star systems.This is probably the most difficult on the long list of Starfield achievements. With over 120 systems, there’s a lot of ground to cover. To get this one done quicker, skills like Astrophysics, Piloting, and Astrophysics are going to come in handy.
TravelerReach level 10.Level ten is a walk in the park compared to some other achievements on this list. So, just keep traveling to new planets, digipicking locks, and taking care of business in combat, and you should have this one crossed off your list in no time.
Thirst for KnowledgeRead 20 skill magazines.In a long-standing Bethesda tradition, you can level up skills like Intimidation, Medicine, and more through skill books – or magazines, in this case. To cross this one off, visit any libraries or book shops you see, or just loot and steal everything in sight in order to grab your achievement.
UnearthedComplete “Unearthed.”Follow our Unearthed walkthrough to add this to your list of achievements in Starfield.
War of AngelsCollect 20 Quantum EssenceQuantum Essence is a precious resource in Starfield, so precious that you can only find it from one source: killing Starborn enemies. You can find Starborn during the main quest, near Artifacts, or by creating the Armillary at one of your Starfield outposts.

Secret Starfield achievements

Some achievements may initially be hidden as ‘secret’, and it will be up to the community to discover what they are. These secret Starfield achievements will likely require a particularly unusual feat to unlock, such as visiting all 1000 planets.

You can bet that as soon as we know what the secret achievements are, we will be back to update this guide and post a spoiler warning.

Starfield DLC achievements

With a new expansion pack or Starfield DLC launch, there are almost certainly a set of achievements to accompany it. These achievements are very similar to those in the base game, but often much rarer than their base game counterparts.

Once Bethesda has announced some additional content, you’ll find all of the updated achievements here.

Will mods disable Starfield achievements?

Installing a Starfield mod will disable your ability to earn achievements in Starfield. Fortunately, there is a way to enable them again: more mods! Just download the Starfield achievement enabler, and you’ll be back to increasing your GamerScore without sacrificing the great work done by the Starfield modding community.

If you’re excited to raise your GamerScore or fill out your achievements library, consider checking our guides to the Starfield map and locations so you know where to land first.

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