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Starfield UI mods are here to fix the game’s garbage interface

With plenty of Starfield UI mods to choose from on launch day, some PC users are opting to enhance the base inventory system to something a little more comprehensive.

Starfield UI mods are here to fix the game’s garbage interface

With thousands around the world now jetting off to the Settled Systems, Starfield UI mods are rapidly becoming the hot property on Nexus Mods, with thousands of downloads between the multiple options to improve the game’s menus. We’re not going to say ourselves that they’re the worst thing in the world, that’s what the Starfield Reddit page is for, but we’re always happy to check out some Starfield mods that can enhance the experience.

While the positive reviews and general reception of the game has a lot of us singing Bethesda’s praises, some believe that the in-game UI leaves room for improvement, with the word ‘clunky’ flying around the internet much like the Frontier flies through the Sol System with thrusters on. It’s not necessarily bad UI, but it can feel a little restrictive, so Starfield modders have taken things into their own hands.

It’s not just the menus that have some Starfield users coming back to earth to enhance their experience but maps too. While there aren’t many map mods we could find, we have done some of the work for you here, with interactive versions of the New Atlantis Map, Akila City Map, and more on the way. In fact, it’s worth bookmarking our Maps page, especially during your first playthrough, with Bethesda offering little in-game to guide you around some of its biggest-ever cities.

If you’re looking for Starfield UI mods yourself, we’ve included a short selection of some of our favorites below. It’s also worth pointing out that our Starfield mods hub is ever-expanding, so keep an eye on that for any useful enhancements you can use to improve your experience.

There you have it, the news that prospective members of Constellation are turning to Starfield UI mods to make their adventure through space a little lighter on the admin front. To let us know some of your favorite mods, head over to our Starfield forum and leave a comment. Or, if you’re looking for some killer weapons to take up space in your inventory, check out our guides to unique weapons and legendary weapon effects.