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Starfield Reddit

The Starfield Reddit is one of the largest communities dedicated to Bethesda’s RPG, as well as home to Starfield leaks, memes, and more.

Starfield Reddit

The Starfield Reddit page r/Starfield is quite possibly the single largest community dedicated to Bethesda’s open-world roleplaying game, with even more members than the game’s official Facebook or Instagram channels. It’s also 100% unofficial, meaning that you tend to get a more critical view of the game than many of the communities managed by Bethesda.

What’s more, the Starfield subreddit has been around for some time – while Starfield itself wasn’t officially confirmed until 2018, the Reddit community has been live ever since 2016, when rumors of Bethesda Game Studios’ next project first began swirling. That means you can browse thousands of contributions from Bethesda diehards and RPG fans, and catch up on the latest Starfield updates and news. There’s a lot to get through – but we’ve got a taste below of what you might find.

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How do I use the Starfield Reddit?

If you’re looking to use the Starfield Reddit to get all the latest news on updates and mods available for Bethesda’s deep space RPG, you can be forgiven for finding the hub of information a little confusing. So, we’ve put together a short section in this guide detailing how to get the best from the page at the top of your feed, so you don’t waste time reading through outdated information.

The Starfield Reddit functions like almost any other dedicated forum. At the top of the page, you can choose to see either ‘hot’, ‘top’, or ‘new’ posts. The last one is self-explanatory and offers you the latest posts to hit the forum. However, ‘top’ and ‘hot’ might need some clarification.

Essentially, ‘hot’ posts have a high amount of recent upvotes, pushing them to the top of the Starfield Reddit pile, while ‘top’ posts are those with the most upvotes regardless of downvotes. So, if you’re always looking for the current talking point among the community, ‘hot’ and ‘new’ posts are the way to go.

It’s also worth pointing out that you can filter posts on the Starfield Reddit through an option on the left-hand side of the page. There are plenty of easy-to-understand options for the filters, so we won’t go through them here, but they’re a helpful tool if you’re looking for a specific kind of post and don’t want to spend all afternoon endlessly scrolling.

Of course, you can also search through the Reddit forum for specific information, whether it be on NPCs like Sam CoePascual Logan, and Kibwe Ikande, or trying to glean new information about important locations such as New Atlantis and Neon.

Best Starfield Reddit posts

It’s easy to sort the Starfield subreddit in order to see the most upvoted posts of all time. Unsurprisingly, the official gameplay reveal – first revealed back in June 2022 – is one of the best Starfield Reddit posts in terms of upvotes. Now we’re gearing up for release, Reddit users are sharing popular friendly reminders among each other, including a tool to tell if a specific planet is barren, questions over the length of playtime needed for a full review, and much more.

Other highlights include posts analyzing NPC skinfolds and wrinkles, a sighting of Todd Howard in the wild, and the confirmation that NASA is really hyped for Starfield. In other words, it’s home to all sorts of goodies – as well as a steady supply of Starfield memes. If it’s just jokes you’re looking for, though, it’s also worth checking out the separate Starfield Memes Reddit.

For all the latest Reddit speculation, be sure to check out r/Starfield.

Starfield Reddit leaks

The Starfield Reddit page has also been home to a selection of Starfield leaks – often gathered from other corners of the internet and reproduced or compiled on the subreddit.

Back in April 2022, for instance, a compilation of Starfield leaks appeared on the site, many of which showcased unfinished environments from the game. While it’s difficult to conclusively determine the authenticity of images like these, it’s worth noting that a lot of the user interface elements would go on to feature in the Starfield gameplay trailer released by Bethesda in June 2022.

A few other spoilers have since appeared on Reddit, especially as we ramp up to the release date, but we won’t tell you about them outside our Starfield leaks page.

Starfield Reddit creations

You’ll find a host of hardworking fans that create the most amazing ships in Blender and out of Lego, or go totally crazy over merchandise on the Starfield Reddit. It’s a really fun community to be a part of, with new creations arriving every day in the form of fan art, tribute videos, and more. Below, we’ve got a few of our favorites from the site for you to check out.

Despite the Starfield ship creation tool still being something of a mystery, we interviewed one Reddit user on their impressive 3D model of a spaceship. This wasn’t an overnight job, either, with the full model taking them almost three months to design the ship in Blender. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own future space transport, it’s definitely worth checking out.

We also love these Starfield Lego mini-figures, based on the player character in their Constellation space suit, plus this version of the Frontier made entirely out of Lego, and without instructions! The latter is so impressive that even Bethesda found its way to the Starfield Reddit to share the creation. Now we’re just waiting for official Starfield Lego sets.

Finally, if you want to imagine what the player character from Starfield might look like if this game were an anime series instead, the Starfield Reddit has you covered. This fan-art post reimagines Bethesda’s astronauts as what they might look like in a Shonen Jump comic, including versions in full color and as a stencil drawing.

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