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Latest Starfield update brings massive performance boost to Xbox players

After two weeks of Steam beta testing, the Starfield 1.11.33 update (now 1.11.36) has rolled out to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Latest Starfield update brings massive performance boost to Xbox players
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As of May 15, 2024 Starfield Xbox Series X|S and PC players can access the new 3D in-game maps, new ship interior customization, new difficulty modes, and improved graphics performance options. The latest Starfield update is a welcome one, especially for Xbox gamers.

Ever since the Starfield launch, Xbox players have been limited in what graphical fidelity options they had access to. On PC, accessing and editing these options was incredibly easy and could be done from the main menu, editing the Starfield .ini file, or by installing a Starfield mod.

But now, thanks to the 1.11.36 update, Xbox players are able to set a frame rate target, giving players more control over screen tearing on higher refresh rate monitors and screens. Players can choose from the standard 30, 40, 60, and unlimited FPS options on VRR displays. For players not using a VRR display, the standard 30 and 60 FPS options remain available.

However, players who load into New Atlantis might not a considerable drop in FPS if they have the game set to the highest settings, particularly if the crowd setting is very high and 100ish NPCs suddenly spawn in.

Screenshot of the Starfield in-game maps from the 1.11.36 update, as seen in the official Bethesda announcement.

To combat this, Xbox players now have access to a Visuals or Performance mode which will automatically adjust your settings to maintain a consistent frame rate. Bethesda have so far recommended that players with a 60 FPS target should set their gamemode to Performance over Visuals.

A number of bugfixes also launched console-wide, and you can read the full patch notes for the 1.11.36 update on the original 1.11.33 update announcement.

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