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Grab some free gear and credits before Bethesda fixes this Starfield bug

Eager spacefarers have found a new Starfield bug, with a certain pool of water in Akila City offering complimentary credits and a few useful pieces of equipment.

Grab some free gear and credits before Bethesda fixes this Starfield bug

While Bethesda’s latest massive RPG is certainly more light on Starfield bugs and glitches compared to previous games from the developer, players have managed to find a Starfield bug that offers out free equipment and credits. So, even if you don’t want to use Starfield mods, there’s now an easy exploit to add a few items and fill your coffers with the minimum effort required.

To find this bug for yourself, you need to head to Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. The maps aren’t great in Starfield, so if you’re struggling to find it, use our Akila City Map. Facing the shop from the front, the puddle is slightly left of the entrance. From here, all you need to do is find the appropriate angle, and you should see an inventory menu where you can take directly from Shepherd’s stock.

If you want even more free loot from the Starfield puddle glitch, you can wait for a further 24-48 hours for Emerson Shepherd to restock before you steal all his gear again. Whether it’s the right thing to do or not, it is an easy way to pick up important consumables like Med Packs and Digipicks. To add insult to injury, you can sell these wares back to the shopkeeper, and he seems to have no idea that you’ve stolen them from right under his nose. Well, right under his puddle, to be exact.

Outside of this classic Bethesda-style glitch, we haven’t seen all too many Starfield bugs yet. So much so that the game didn’t even release with a day one patch, unlike many other big releases from the past couple of years. Still, with how much traction this one is picking up online, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a hotfix sooner rather than later.

There you have it, the news that a Starfield bug is allowing players to fill up their inventories for free. If you find any glitches yourself, be sure to let us know on our Starfield forum. Or, if you’re looking for an exploit to boost your XP, check out our guide to Starfield XP farming.