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Starfield Mission Board

The Starfield Mission Board is your gateway to endless radiant quests and challenges, ensuring there'll never be a dull moment.

Starfield Mission Board

The Starfield Mission Board is a gameplay mechanic that gathers additional Starfield missions and quests that the player can undertake. This mission board has not been discussed in much detail, having only been mentioned by Starfield Producer Jamie Mallory in an interview.

What is the Starfield Mission Board?

It is believed that the Starfield Mission Board will serve as your one-stop shop for radiant Starfield quests. These quests are usually quite generic compared to the main story missions, but provide additional ways of earning Starfield levels, credits, and resources.

Radiant missions are usually created via an algorithm, allowing an infinite number of quests to be generated from a pool of quest-related resources.

For the player, this means that you’ll never be lacking an objective or challenge, no matter how far you fly in Starfield.

What missions are available on the Starfield Mission Board?

While Jamie Mallory didn’t elaborate on what missions will be available, it seems a safe bet to think that the Mission Board will have some of the following quests:

  • Bounty hunting missions – There’s always someone out there with a price on their head
  • Rescue missions – It wouldn’t be an RPG if someone somewhere had been kidnapped and needed rescuing!
  • Smuggling missions – Contraband is a known mechanic in Starfield, so it seems reasonable someone is going to want to smuggle their illegal goods about the Settled Systems.
  • Theft missions – Bethesda’s Skyrim had numerous stealing challenges dotted about, and it wouldn’t be strange to see a few in Starfield.

Many more radiant missions could be on the horizon, but we won’t know for sure until Starfield’s release. So, make sure you’re ready for them by checking out our updated skills and weapon databases, and consider making your first Starfield build.