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Ryujin Industries

The Starfield Ryujin Industries faction gives the Spacefarer a taste of life in a mega-corporation, here’s all you need to know about them.

Ryujin Industries
Faction Types Major faction
Joinable Yes
System Alpha Centauri

The Starfield Ryujin Industries faction is one of a handful of mega-corporations that have been established across the Settled Systems. It has a particularly big presence in the water-locked pleasure city of Neon, which was initially constructed by the Xenofresh Corporation for use as a fishing platform. Ryujin deals in several product lines, but is most famous for their Neuroamps which can be used to permanently enhance customers in a variety of ways.

The faction itself is ruthless and underhanded, willing to do anything to get itself ahead of the competition, even if that means engaging in corporate espionage, or pitting employee against employee.

Ryujin Industries overview

The Ryujin Industries faction is a Major faction that you can encounter in Starfield.

Starfield factions can provide unique Starfield armor, Starfield weapons, and even faction-specific missions at various points during your playthrough. Each group possesses its own unique idealogy and doctrine, along with a unique range of NPCs and enemies (should you get on their bad side). Should you wrong a faction you’re friendly with, you’ll accrue a bounty, which you’ll need to clear at a Tracker’s Alliance bounty board, or face bounty hunters, a jail cell, or unrelenting hostility.

Ryujin Industries locations

While a corporation doesn’t technically have a capital city, Ryujin appear to have made the city of Neon its main base of operations. Despite the relative grime that coats most of Neon, the Ryujin Industries HQ is sleek, clean, and emulates the sheer wealth and power that Ryujin is hiding.

Screenshot of the Starfied Ryujin Industries lobby.

Ryujin Industries locations

The Ryujin Industries faction has a presence in the following systems:

How to join Ryujin Industries

If you want to join Ryujin Industries, all you need to do is land in Neon, on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. Upon entering the major settlement, you will be given the quest Back to the Grind.

Turn left of the Spaceport Terminal and travel to the end of the main highstreet. There, you will find a Ryujin Industries terminal where you can submit an application for “Work Experience.”

You’ll be asked a series of questions about why you think you’d be a good fit for Ryujin Industries. Fill out the questions and submit your application, and you will be directed to speak with Imogene Salzo on the Operations floor of Ryujin Industries HQ.

Imogene is less than impressed to find herself performing interviews. Her counterpart at Ryujin Industries, Yuko, is meant to be doing the interviews, but Yuko is indisposed. Speak with Imogene and you’ll be hired on a probationary period.

Having been hired, your first mission is to grab coffee from TerraBrew Coffee – Neon for an important meeting. Skip the queue and speak with the barrista. The barrista will comment that Tomo used to get the Ryujin coffee order, and Tomo is right behind you. Tomo got fired, and he is not impressed you were hired to replace him.

Tomo explains that, after four years of getting coffee, Tomo was escorted out of the building and fired. He says that it’s only a matter of time before Ryujin Industries sends someone “after him.” Tomo pulls a gun on you. You can either fight him, or persuade him to lower the gun. Succeed in persuading him, and he states that Ularu will send you to kill Tomo at some point in the future.

Regardless of how you deal with Tomo, collect the TerraBrew Order from the barrista and head back to Imogene. She already knows what happened between you and Tomo, and she’ll be impressed. You are immediately promoted to junior operative in the Ryujin Industries faction. You are to “add influence” whenever the company requires it; you’re now part of their corporate espionage division.

You’ll be directed to the nearby conference room to meet the other major NPCs of the Ryujin faction. Speak with them, then return to Imogene to complete Back to the Grind.

You are now officially a full-fledged member of Ryujin Industries, and can begin the mission One Step Ahead.

Ryujin Industries trivia

  • Ryujin Industries featured in the Starfield animated short “The Hand That Feeds” and even showed how you might be able to join this faction.
  • “Ryujin” more than likely refers to the Japanese Shinto deity of the sea, a tutelary spirit. It was believed that the deity was a bringer of rain and thunder, and knowledgeable on medicine.