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New Starfield anime series is jam-packed with lore and out now

Completely out of the blue, Bethesda have released three Starfield anime-style episodes detailing the lives of several new characters.

New Starfield anime series is jam-packed with lore and out now

Starfield isn’t even out yet, and it seems that the game is already getting the Cyberpunk Edgerunner treatment with three episodes of Starfield anime. These animated shorts offer fresh insights into the Settled Systems, and into the lives of its citizens. Not only are the episodes artistically beautiful, but they’re out now and you can watch them below!

With all the excitement around Starfield, it was never a stretch to think that Starfield might get its own TV show or anime series in the near future much like Cyberpunk 2077 did. Bethesda seem keen to get ahead of the curve with the first of their own Starfield anime shorts: “Supra Et Ultra”

Supra Et Ultra follows the story of a courier pilot that signs up with the United Colonies faction, and discovers considerable reward and enjoyment in doing so. Even after assembling enough credits to buy a fancy apartment and retire, the call of space proves too much, and the pilot takes off to the stars. 

Bethesda then took us to the territory of the United Colonies’ rival, the Freestar Collective, with their “Where Hope Is Built” short.

Vanna, an orphan of the Colony Wars, sets about finding ship components on the planet of Akila in the hopes of repairing her own Starfield ship. We finally get some insight into what the Colony Wars were, and how mech suits were used in the terrible conflict.

Not satisfied with only two episodes, Bethesda then took us to the seedy pleasure city of Neon, and even confirmed which planet Neon is located on at long last. Suitably named, the third episode “The Hand That Feeds” follows the trials of two Neon street rats as they encounter a moral dilemma.

We see the main character, Ada, come across an opportunity to join the Ryujin Industries faction. The opportunity may present itself in a similar way when we ourselves land on Volii Alpha when Starfield releases in September.

Hopefully, these three episodes are only a taste of what is to come in both the game and in the franchise’s future for a television series. Until Bethesda annouce plans for an animated series, follow Starfield Db on Google News to get all the latest Bethesda updates, or check out our newly updated ship components and faction databases so you can get a headstart on creating your own character.