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Xenofresh Corporation

Everything we know about the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction, its history, its drug, and if it’s joinable.

Xenofresh Corporation
Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No
System Sol
Item Code 002758C5

The Starfield Xenofresh Corporation is a mega-corporation responsible for creating the pleasure city of Neon, but little else about the faction has been confirmed. How the Spacefarer will come into contact with Xenofresh Corporation and climb the corporate ladder in the Volii system is up for debate, though drugs will be at the heart of it.

When was Xenofresh Corporation founded?

It is unknown how prominent the Xenofresh Corporation were prior to their arrival in the Volii system or if their intentions were pure, but the construction of a fishing platform used to create an illegal drug may hint at their true nature. The local fish, Chasmbass, possess psychotropic properties which Xenofresh processed and commercialized into Aurora – a popular but illegal substance throughout the Settled Systems, yet unregulated in the Astral Lounge.

By 2330 AD, the city of Neon is a popular tourist trap and trading hub.

Starfield Xenofresh Corporation locations

As the original creators of Neon, Xenofresh have a headquarters in the Trade Tower. You can find it in the Trade Tower elevator menu, but it’s not yet clear where the source of their drug, Aurora, is processed. We know that their manufacturing labs are accessible, as seen during the Starfield showcase, but haven’t yet encountered them in our own playthroughs.

Screenshot of a Starfield Xenofresh Corporation lab.

Xenofresh Corporation locations

The Xenofresh Corporation faction has a presence in the following systems:

Who are Xenofresh Corporation’s enemies?

Official confirmation has yet to be made, but the proximity of Ryujin Industries on Neon hints that they will be closely related to one another.

How to join Xenofresh Corporation

Can you join Xenofresh Corporation? It seems possible to join the Xenofresh Corporation, but it’s worth mentioning that the main Starfield questline does not bring you into contact with the Xenofresh Corporation. This seems strange, as Starfield makes an effort to introduce you to the major factions.

However, we can confirm that there is a Xenofresh Corporation job terminal in the Trade Tower of Neon. However, when accessed, the terminal simply states that there are no jobs available at the moment, and to check back later.

It seems possible that advancing the Ryujin Industries questline could unlock access to the Xenofresh Corporation, but it’s also possible that there are other methods. As soon as we discover what that is, we’ll be back to update this guide.

Thanks to the ESRB’s rating, we know that at some point you’ll be “working in an illicit drug lab”, so there must be a way to join the Xenofresh Corporation.

As one of the Starfield factions alongside the United Colonies, Crimson Fleet, and Freestar Collective, it’s safe to assume that Xenofresh Corporation will be a key player in the Settled Systems as will their famous Starfield drug, Aurora.