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Finally, you can decorate the inside of your Starfield ship

Ship interiors are highly detailed in Starfield, but players have been unable to fully customize them until now.

Finally, you can decorate the inside of your Starfield ship

The first time you boarded the Frontier ship, you will likely have been blown away by how detailed the Starfield ship interior was. From helmets on stands to food on the table, your starting Starfield ship contained a lot of personality. Sadly, Starfield doesn’t allow you to add displays, furniture, or do much else beyond adding additional ship modules. Fortunately, a new Starfield mod overrides this limitation, and lets you add everything from mannequins, to displays, and even chairs!

Previously, you could only add furniture, decorations, and display objects to your Starfield outposts and player homes like the one found in The Well. Ships are customizable using ship components, but adding or moving any of the hab units (which contain the majority of the junk and decorative items) will instantly move everything within the hab to your ship’s cargo hold, effectively undoing your decoration efforts.

This is where the Ship Decor (CCR) mod by Plutocracy comes in. The ship decor mod adds a binding to the F2 key on your keyboard. Once you have this mod installed, simply look at a surface and press the F2 key to spawn the decoration panel. If you’re using a controller, you may need to switch over to a keyboard briefly.

By interacting with the panel, you can turn on the decorating mode that you’ll find in player homes, effectively transforming your ship into your very own house. Of course, you’ll still need a few Starfield resources on hand to build a Mannequin, Chair, or Weapon Workbench, but you’ll finally be able to put your own stamp on any of the 300+ ships in Starfield.

For a full demonstration, check out Plutocracy’s video below.

The best application of the ship decor mod for us has been the ability to decorate the Starborn Guardian – an otherwise empty if expansive ship interior, and adding a few mannequins behind the desk aboard the Star Eagle.

If you’ve downloaded the mod and given it a try, make sure you share you creations with us on the Starfield forum, and follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest Starfield mods, updates, and fan-creations.