Starfield food

Bethesda has filled the Starfield with exotic treats, so we’ve put together all of the Starfield food items and where you can find them.

Among the many healing items in Starfield, none are as satisfying as the Starfield food options. Todd Howard expressed just how much Bethesda loves their food in Starfield, and how much effort they’ve put into them. Some look amazing, and others terrifying, but all will be beneficial in your journey through the Settled Systems.

What do Starfield food items do?

Food items primarily restore lost health when you take damage in combat or from accidental falls. However, certain food items also provide you with stat boosts, and additional buffs.

You can find food items scattered throughout your playthrough in containers, on corpses, and from food vendors like TerraBrew Coffee – New Atlantis Spaceport. You can also sell food items for Credits if you prefer, with some items having surprisingly high value.

Alternatively, you can craft your own food items at an outpost. Taking the Gastronomy skill by increasing your Starfield level, or taking the Chef background at the Starfield character creator grants you access to more advanced and powerful recipes.

Screenshot of some Starfield consumables.

Though one has not been confirmed, a Starfield survival mode could drastically alter how important food and drink becomes. Starvation and dehydration featured heavily in previous Bethesda survival modes, so you might want to keep a sandwich to hand just in case.

Starfield food list

As soon as we find more tasty treats, you can be sure we’ll be back to update our database. In the meantime, check out our updated planets, systems, and locations databases where you’ll find the finest Starfield cuisine.

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