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Starfield houses

Why make an outpost your Starfield home when you can purchase and customize a Starfield house in any of the major cities?

Starfield houses

From the moment that Bethesda announced their spacefaring epic, people have been wondering can I buy Starfield houses? Fortunately, we’re here to answer that question and point you towards all the Starfield homes and houses you can purchase. Just be warned, they get pricey.

Can you buy Starfield houses?

Yes, you can buy Starfield houses in all of the game’s major cities.

These properties are available for purchase at various point in the game. Once we have a full list and a guide, we will be back to update this page.

Where can you buy Starfield houses?

So far, we have seen a Starfield house in New AtlantisAkila City, and Neon. However, you can also get your own dwelling (and an accompanying mortgage) by taking the Dream House background.

What can you do with your Starfield house?

In previous Bethesda games, your house served as a handy location to stash your best weapons and items, as well as a place for your favorite companions to hang out. Starfield houses promise to offer all of this and more. By opening the Starfield scanner mode and pressing the outpost button, you will enter a reduced outpost building mode which gives you access to furniture and other outpost objects that you can place in your home.

More Starfield player houses

In no time at all, you’ll be able to find a huge number of fan-created Starfield homes and houses through Starfield mods. We’ll roundup our favorites as they are published, and be back to update this guide.