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Starfield hair customization sussed by Redditor

Redditors count down the days to Starfield Direct by deep-diving Starfield hair sliders, and discover more options than Fallout 4.

Starfield hair customization sussed by Redditor

With Starfield Direct only 25 days away, a Redditor has discovered that Starfield hair options will launch with 47-51 female hairstyles. Fallout 4, with the base game and DLC combined, offered only 38 female hairstyles for customizing the player character. With Redditor Harrison_Allen’s analysis, we now know that Starfield will launch with more customization options than previous Bethesda titles.

By zooming into the ‘HAIR’ slider seen during the Starfield gameplay trailer, Harrison_Allen was able to segment each option. “47 is a more conservative count based on the hair color slider’s rightmost position (just in case sliders don’t actually go further than that), but if it’s filled all the way we get 51.”

Starfield hair options analyzed by Redditor Harrison_Allen

As a result, other Redditors have hoped to see an expanded number of options elsewhere, with Junior061989 stating, “Hopefully that means we get a decent amount of beard/facial hair options as well. Especially those of the full and well groomed/well kept variety.”

A number of beards and hair options have already been seen during the Starfield gameplay trailer where Bethesda originally demonstrated the Starfield character creation tool.

Some commenters, however, have pointed out that Starfield does not feature a traditional ‘gender’ slider/option. As a result, some Redditors like sithren have stated that the Starfield hair options might be “47-51 hairstyles in total that can be used for any gender or non-gender.”

More options than those seen during the gameplay trailer could be available at Starfield’s launch. As brabbit1987 put it, “Technically it could be even more, since that’s old footage. But at least we now know an estimate of what to expect at least.”

Regardless of how many hair options are available at launch, it’s almost certain that the Starfield modding community will be quick to add additional hairstyles. Hopefully more Starfield character creation options will be revealed during the Starfield showcase ahead of the official release date.