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Hundreds of people are signing this petition for a Starfield PS5 version

PlayStation fans were disappointed to see the Starfield Xbox and PC exclusivity confirmed once again at the Starfield Direct showcase, so much so that they’ve started a petition!

Hundreds of people are signing this petition for a Starfield PS5 version

We’ve known for some time that Bethesda’s sci-fi epic is only coming to PC and Xbox Series consoles, but that hasn’t stopped a group of Sony fans from launching a petition pleading for Starfield PS5.

The change.org petition has gathered nearly 1000 signatures less than a week following the Starfield Direct showcase in which fans were treated to a 45 minute deep-dive on the upcoming game. The showcase repeated the 2022 confirmation that Starfield will be console exclusive.

For the PS5 to have no mention at the Starfield Direct showcase couldn’t have come as a surprise to most fans, but many still held hope that Starfield would see a later release on Starfield following a ‘timed-exclusive’ period. Even after news of the acquisition, Bethesda’s Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo both received PS5 timed exclusivity, only becoming available on Xbox consoles one year later. Unfortunately for fans, no such confirmation has been made for Starfield.

Perhaps as a result, one passionate fan took to change.org and created a petition to bring Starfield to the PS5. Many fans, including those who signed the petition, were doubtful that the petition would succeed in bringing Starfield to Sony’s platform, while others commented that PlayStation exclusives have historically outnumbered Xbox exclusives considerably. Microsoft President Brad Smith commented in 2022 that, at the time of the interview, the PlayStation had 286 exclusives, while the Xbox had only 59.

However, none of this means that Starfield will never see a PS5 release. As Phil Spencer posted in a tweet following the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, future Bethesda titles will release on Xbox, PC, and “other consoles on a case by case basis.”

If true, it could mean that Starfield sees a PS5 release somewhere in the years to come, possibly as a Starfield Special Edition.

While this may be yet another blow to PS5 and PS4 Starfield fans, it is possible to play Starfield for just $14.99 using the Xbox Game Pass which grants access to the game on both Xbox and PC.

The Starfield system requirements are fairly high for such a large open-world experience, so PlayStation fans may prefer to wait for future hints at a Starfield PS5 release. As soon as those hints are announced, you can be we’ll update our guides, so make sure you follow us on Google News to learn all about them.