Starfield Game Pass

Will Starfield be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch? Here's everything you need to know about Bethesda's future on the service.

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If you’re looking for the best way to play Starfield, look no further than grabbing Starfield via the Xbox Game Pass. Rather than spend $69.99 on Bethesda’s newest RPG, you can play Starfield on day one of release for $14.99 or less.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, you might want to make sure you’re ready for the Starfield system requirements using some of our guides. Or, if you’re interested in a Starfield pre order, you may want to know about the possibility of a Starfield collector’s edition.

Is Starfield on Game Pass?

Yes, Starfield is coming day one to the Xbox Game Pass when it launches on  September 6, 2023. This was confirmed on the official Starfield splash page on the Xbox website and includes PC and Xbox Series S and Series X consoles.

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As we’ve seen with other Bethesda games, it looks like Starfield will stay put on Xbox Game Pass as soon as it releases, so hopefully, you won’t have to churn through the massive story or visit all umpteen million Starfield locations in the space of a few months.

Starfield Game Pass: three spaceships entering a red-tinged atmosphere

Is Starfield Xbox Game Pass exclusive?

While Starfield arrives on Xbox Game Pass on day one, it isn’t exclusive to the platform. With the Starfield Steam page displaying the same release date, you can also expect Starfield Steam Deck players to be joining you in the early days of space exploration when the release date rolls around.

If you’ve already snagged your subscription, check out our guides on Starfield NPCs, all the Starfield factions, and the Starfield companions we’ve seen so far. It’s never too early to be researching how you’re going to play ahead of the September release.

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