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Starfield Game Pass

Is Starfield available on the Xbox Game Pass? Here's everything you need to know about Bethesda's future on the service.

Starfield Game Pass

Unsure if you should get the Starfield Game Pass? Whether you’re hoping to play Starfield on the Xbox or PC, you can start piloting your own Starfield ship for just $14.99 with the Xbox Game Pass, rather than spend $69.99. There are a lot of advantages to getting Starfield on Game Pass rather than purchasing a copy directly through a Starfield sale, so we’ve rounded up all the reasons you should consider subscribing to Game Pass if you want to dive into Starfield.

You might want to make sure you’re ready for the Starfield system requirements if you plan on getting the Game Pass for PC. Though, if you’re a Sony gamer, you’ll need to check our Starfield PS5 release date guide to see if there’s any hope for a PlayStation release.

Is Starfield on Game Pass?

Yes, Starfield is on Xbox Game Pass and has been since September 6, 2023. There are no plans for Starfield to move off the platform, making the Game Pass a great way to pickup Starfield cheaply.

So if you want to jump into Starfield, be sure to check out the best Xbox Game Pass deals below.

The best Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals:

The above subscriptions will give players access to the Standard Edition of the game. If you want a few premium extras, like the a digital artbook and exclusive skins, you’ll need to get the upgrade:

It looks like Starfield will stay put on Xbox Game Pass for the foreseeable future, hopefully granting you just enough time to visit every Starfield planet and every Starfield location, while working your way through the Starfield main quest and Starfield missions. You’ll definitely need a few thousand hours to explore virtually everything in the game!

Starfield Game Pass crossplay

While you can purchase a Starfield Steam edition of the game, purchasing a copy directly from Microsoft with a Starfield sale or picking the game up with the Game Pass affords one major advantage: Starfield cross saves, allowing you to play on one save on both Xbox and PC.

While the advantages to this might not be immediately obvious, cross saves indirectly allow Xbox player to access Starfield console commands, Starfield mods, and more. While mods won’t carry over from PC session into Xbox sessions, major mods like the Starfield Community Patch can still be used temporarily to navigate around bugged missions or NPCs that a Starfield update has yet to address.

If however you’re not interested in Game Pass, check out the best Starfield deals on Steam, where you can also expect Starfield Steam Deck players to be joining you in your early days of space exploration.

If you’ve already snagged your subscription, check out our guides on Starfield NPCs, all the Starfield factions, and the Starfield companions we’ve seen so far.