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Interview: Meet the Starfield fan who spent three months modeling a unique ship

Many fans are busy designing custom Starfield ships, but one fan has spent three months creating and rendering an awesome 3D model.

Interview: Meet the Starfield fan who spent three months modeling a unique ship

While Bethesda hasn’t yet released a Starfield ship builder tool – which is something we might have in the works ourselves – fans have started creating their own custom Starfield ship designs. However, one designer went the extra mile and created a full 3D model of their unique spaceship complete with custom animations, and even a full interior. It’s honestly so good, Bethesda should hire them.

We loved the design so much, we just had to reach out to the creator, Its_all_pixels, and ask them a few questions.

Its_all_pixels is a self-taught Blender artist, and has been using their Starfield ship designs to further their skills. The results are simply incredible, yet they’re always on the lookout for feedback and improvements:

“To be honest I love to share my work and get reactions and feedback. As a creator, it can be the toughest part, but sometimes that feedback is what you need to drive a design forward.”

The unique ship has been a real passion project for Its_all_pixels, requiring a considerable amount of groundwork.

“The first thing I did was take screenshots of all the details I could find from the videos posted about a year ago and from any of the art that was posted online by Bethesda.” Its_all_pixels then crafted individual ship modules “from nose to tail and outside to inside” before stitching them together into a single design.

“The thing I enjoyed the most has been the engineering of how to make things fit together, from the landing gear that fits and folds into the gear bays properly to the complex landing ramp in the rear.”

Screenshot of the unique thrusters designed by Its_all_pixels.

Modeling and rendering this project posed a series of challenges, taking an incredible amount of time from start to finish.

“Well, this has been a journey. For the latest design, I have been working on it a little bit each day for about 3 months. The hardest part has been to keep driving forward even though I didn’t have some key skill sets like proper textures and animations. But, I was able to focus on one task at a time, get the design and details, then worry about the rest.”

Its_all_pixels might be incredibly modest, but you can’t deny their custom animations leave an impression. Just look at how they animated their unique ship taking off, and the components neatly folding away.

Starship Takeoff Concept Animation
by u/Its_all_pixels in blender

Yet Its_all_pixels is nowhere near done with their ship or their designs.

“I have plans, big animation plans that I have built a storyboard around, and it is part of the long term plan and part of my growth as a creator. I want to build at least 2 other elements and then create a long animation with some custom sounds and music.” Its_all_pixels adds, “it might take time, but I will get there. In the meantime, I plan to release more videos of the project including a ship walkthrough and other animations.”

Screenshot of the ship interior of Its_all_pixels design.

Fan response to Its_all_pixels’ creation was overwhelmingly positive, with praise and requests for a Starfield mod containing the unique ship modules flooding the Reddit thread. Fortunately for those fans, Its_all_pixels is considering the possibility of a mod in the future, but probably not until after Starfield releases in September.

After all, Its_all_pixels wants to play Starfield too! “I imagine I will be taking a bunch of time designing my character first, I might even delve into streaming it on YouTube or something. I plan on Starfield being like how I played Skyrim, slow methodical and taking in everything I can and of course tons of screenshots so I can build more fun stuff in Blender!”

We sincerely look forward to Its_all_pixels’ future ship designs, and hope that their creations inspire more 3D modelers to create their own unique ship modules. Starfield’s ship customization is already looking incredible, but Its_all_pixels’ and the Starfield modding community’s talent will surely elevate it even higher.

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