Starfield Ion Beam H-1010 reactor

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The Starfield Ion Beam H-1010 reactor is one of the B-class reactors used to power your spaceship. Manufactured by XIANG, the H-1010 reactor costs 78000 credits and requires the Starship Design skill to install.

Starfield Ion Beam H-1010 reactor key info:

  • Class: B
  • Power Generated: 16
  • Crew rating: 2
  • Reactor Health: 52
  • Repair rate: 2
  • Health: 31
  • Mass: 52

Requiring two crew members to man it, the H-1010 reactor will provide you with more than enough power for several weapons, but certainly comes in at a higher credits cost than other ship components.

The Starfield Ion Beam H-1010 reactor as seen from the gameplay trailer.

Starfield reactor speculation

At the time of writing, the Ion Beam H-1010 is the only reactor that has been shown. It has a few extra stat lines that we haven’t seen in action, namely the ‘reactor health’, ‘health’, and ‘repair rate’.

With Starfield ship gameplay mechanics remaining a general mystery, it’s possible that the standard ‘health’ option boosts your ship’s overall health pool, while the ‘reactor health’ is specific to the component. This latter stat could indicate individual parts can be damaged, or that the power distribution system – an energy ‘point’ management for weapons, shields, engines, and other ship systems – can damage your reactor if handled poorly.

If true, the ‘repair rate’ might refer to how quickly the ‘reactor health’ pool restores itself following a system overload.

Hopefully the Starfield showcase in June will show us more about ship customization, ship manufacturers, and what ship types are available.

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